Thursday, January 3, 2013

It’s almost time

for school to start back which means that my goals will be put to the test.  Life will return to “normal” and I will not have the free time that I have had the past two weeks.  That means my schedule changes, my habits change, my time management has to kick in- the one thing that will not change- my goals.  They remain the same- and they should. I will be working hard to get to the point where I am reaching those goals!

In the meantime- you will see my visual for my word for 2013.  I posted that HERE and used the printable from Run to the Finish.  She also walked me through how to add the computer text on it rather than me using my own handwriting.  I loved this!  Have a blessed day!

onewordworksheet - Copycomplete

*btw- this post is short and simple- I am testing using the Microsoft LiveWriter on my computer to see how it works with blog posts!

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