Tuesday, January 1, 2013

...and the next Chapter begins (warning long post)

Welcome to 2013!  Wow!!  It's been so much hype leading up to it and it's finally here- 2012 flew by (as many of the previous years) and 2013 looks to be a great year.  I know that as a year passes life's ebbs and flows take you through many valleys and peaks but for me, I know whose hand I am holding during this journey and he has promised to never leave me nor forsake me so I can truly rest in that promise...

My post today is going to be built on my "word"/phrase for the year- Press On (aka perseverance).  I heard this song recently (and anytime it comes on my music I tend to hit repeat) and encourage you to take a listen.  I love the part where it talks about pressing on and that's when it hit me what my personal theme for 2013 would be:

Oh the day will come
As we press on
When the battle's won

So lift up your eyes
Cause we're not forgotten
And hope will lead us on

Perseverance is defined by Webster's as such: continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition : the action or condition or an instance of persevering : steadfastness

THAT is a perfect description of where I said life is going to take us- it's all in our journey- whether that be our physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual journeys.  

With that said I have some goals for the coming year- I don't make resolutions because they are to easily broken- I do make goals because in my thinking goals are that which I can work toward.   If I achieve them-Fabulous, if not then that's okay too, as long as I have made the steps forward.

2013 goals/dreams
  • run 13 races in 2013 (I have referenced this before).  
  • add lifting and strength training to my healthy living
  • Complete one RAK (Random act of Kindness) every day.  This may be as simple as smiling at a stranger when I pass them.
  • Share my journey with others
  • Pursue what it would take to become a health coach (this is the scary one)  

** I had more to say including January's goals but I think I'll end this here and post my January goals on Wednesday.


Alicia Curley said...

These are great goals. How awesome you want to pursue being a health coach! Thats incredible - think of how much you'll learn along the way and help others! I love it.

Those song lyrics are beautiful. As long as we have hope (and faith), how can we go wrong? We are not forgotten, how true.

Divya @ Eat.Teach.Blog said...

Love the random act of kindness one!