Monday, December 31, 2012

Sending 2012 out with a Bang!

So, for my final post of 2012 I decided to highlight some of my favorite posts from this year (a couple from my blog and then those from others that I read).  I'll start with others and then move to a couple of mine that I think are worth a second look...

Top 10 tips for running in the dark by Nutritionella
Making Fitness Fun by Lindsay's List
90 Second Breakfast sandwich by The Lean Green Bean (I'll have to try this with either G-F bread or none at all)
Hare Envy by Backatsquarezero

And probably my favorite of all at this point because she articulates exactly where I am
Mindy's Fitness Journey  and there are no bad words in the video- just the bleeped one in the title ;)

Now, for me- I think my absolute favorite post that I wrote- that I have to keep rereading it myself is this one: Beautiful

and some motivational pins to end your 2012!

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

I'm hurt! None of mine inspired you? That's okay. I love you anyway. it was so good to have you for the week at Christmas. Keep up the good work.