Wednesday, January 2, 2013


the month where all of the "newbies" hit the gym (make sure you click those words to read a great blog post about that),  resolutions are made (and some broken), and where it's just too cold- that bone chilling cold that you can't seem to recover from (and I'm in East TN where it's not really THAT cold).

The post on Tuesday's race will be next week. I will be linking up with a 5 by the 5th challenge and I think the posts go live either Monday or Tuesday (also the day I go back to work- boo)...

Anywho- today's post is designed to be all about those goals for January (and this is where I admit that I am tweaking them already)...
1. At the most- eat fast food only 1 time per week (but shoot for none)
2. Meal plan and stick to the plan (and I think I'm going to work on some freezer dinners at the same time).
3. Change one "habit" a week using the following schedule (and yes, I am waiting until Sunday to start this since that is when my routine starts back up again)-
      January 6-12- Cut down the (diet) soda no more than 3 or 4 per week (this is where I am tweaking- I will admit I am not ready to quit it cold turkey so I am going to wean myself off.  Hopefully by February I can get down to 2-3 and then continue as time goes on.  I would like to eventually go to occasional/special treats.  As of today (January 2) I have had 2- one each day-which is better than I used to do.  Of course the opposite side means that I will be drinking more water- which is what I need anyway (and my goal is to actually drink the water first anyway).

January 13-19- no added/processed sugar.  Sugar has been a downfall through the holidays.  I am allowing myself some splenda or stevia (can't do much of this one) in my muffin and/or my greek yogurt.  Candy- MUST quit the Candy (and I can't even have chocolate!)

January 20-26- 4-5 servings of vegetables/day.  I already get at least 2-3 but I want to make sure I am getting more.  I know I feel better when I fill up on veggies.  And, since there are so many vegetables that I can't have I want to find new ones to fix those that I can.

January 27-31- Finish out the month strong and in those last 5 days of the month at least 2 of them be meatless. 

I figure that if I make little changes for the week then that will give me things to build on!  Anyone want to join me!


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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Won't quite join you in all of them but since I plan to do some fasting this month, i will be tweaking my eating habits. Way to go btw in making lifestyle changes. Love you much.