Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hoosiers Outrun Cancer and a serious thought

Last Saturday, September 17, was the annual Hoosiers Outrun Cancer in Bloomington.  I had the chance to participate last year and enjoyed it so came back for more fun this year.  And fun it was... and very, very, very wet.  Right before it started I thought that the rain was going to diminish until about halfway through (well, my halfway through which was some people's done) and it poured.   I was watching the water gush off of my hat and was thankful that I had one!  Before the race started they began with some survivors and had them speak.  One of the young ladies (she is only 4 years older than I am) that spoke was just a joy to listen to.  She had lost her dad (who had been an IU football coach) to brain cancer back about 10 or so years ago and then about 2 years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She said that the one thing her family learned during the fight with her dad was to find the joy and laughter in every trial and and every day.  That really struck me- so often I lose that ability to find the joy and laughter because I get caught up in the mundane- the every day trials of life, the struggles that I find myself going through.  After that  the wet 3 mile journey through the hills of Bloomington began.  I have been running off and on all summer but stick to mileage around 2 miles per run- it was a feet issue (which I finally have an answer to and will talk about in another post) but basically had done very few runs that were 3 miles or more.  I didn't do as great as the one I did last spring BUT I did do better than last year's time by about 3 minutes.  Next up, a trail run tomorrow (but really it will be more of a walk), a virtual 5K the second weekend of October, and the Ohio State 4 mile run in late October.  After that- we'll see- if the feet issues get themselves straightened out I would love to train for another half (and honestly I would love that half to be the Knoxville one again).

The video I am posting today I have posted before but in light of the reason I did the run I felt it was appropriate.  Oh, and that young lady that spoke before the race last week- she passed away late yesterday/early this morning in a car accident.  Just really "smacked" me in the face.  I am processing some thoughts on it but this has become the bottom line:

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

So proud of you for doing this HOC and seeing your bib reminded me again of how many lives I know that have been touched by cancer. You are a special young lady (I am sort of biased though). I hope your feet issue is settled and you can find joy in running again and do that 1/2.