Monday, January 13, 2014

Disappointment to Joy, 5 Years and Victory!

This is probably my hardest goal to keep up with- the blogging.  I have all kinds of things I WANT to say- but the time- oh my time has been crazy (even with the unexpected snow/cold days from school). I'm going to break each of these down and each has a great story so I hope you tag along for the ride :)

Disappointment to Joy;

If you read THIS post back in November you saw that I was going to participate in a inaugural 5K called Run for their Lives.

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Run for the Lives was putting on their event in Knoxville and the city told them not to expect more than 100 people to sign up.  HA!  I was so excited to run and participate in this race and then… New Year's Day happened.  I ran my race (which I still need to post about) and then came home to warm up.  I was sitting on my foot trying to get it warm and my timer went off.  I didn't realize how asleep my foot was (like dead asleep- not tingly) until I stepped down, my foot rolled and I ended up across the room from where I started and my plate ended up in another part of the room.  I cried, I got mad, but in the end- nothing changed- I still had a swollen and painful foot.  On those snow days I finally gave in and went to have it x-rayed- diagnosis- not broken but a sprained foot.  I could walk the 5K but no running.  Okay, I could handle that but then Thursday night I walked on my treadmill at a very slow pace for 2.5 miles.  The next day I woke up with a swollen and bruised foot.  I decided that walking was not in my best interest and it was best if I just volunteer.  I was so disappointed.  I cried, I got mad- but again, in the end, nothing changed.  So, I put on my smile and headed to volunteer in the pouring rain.  When I left at 6:00 it was lightning and thundering, then it poured even more until finally it let up… just a little… in time for the 9:00 start time.  Oh, by the way- the final numbers Over 600 registered to run and walk including 100 walk up registrations in the pouring rain!  And with the volunteers that made over 800 participants.  Plus, they raised more than enough money through corporate sponsorships before the race that they are going to be able to use all race fee to go directly to the ministries!  To be a part of that- well that turned my disappointment into joy!

5 Years: While writing this post I decided that that deserves a post of it's own but it will probably won't happen until late February (I have my reasons) :)

Victory- you know that bum foot?  Today I was able to do a walk/jog 1/4 mile intervals on the treadmill.  I dug up my KT Tape, taped my foot up for stability and laced up.  While it was slow- it was good to do it.  I am imagining I will be a little stiff tomorrow but the pain has finally dissipated and I can walk fairly normal!


Bill (cycleguy) said...

You have your reasons? Not fair! :) Glad you were able to walk on the treadmill for a bit. Time heals those types of injuries. You know I love you...and that is worth everything. lol

Tami said...

I hate being injured- especially since I need to be training but I know it will come! Love you too

Caitlin H said...

That's absolutely wonderful news about the Run For Their Lives 5K!! I wish Pittsburgh or western PA had one of these! I'm glad that your foot is feeling better, too! I hope it continues to do so...but go easy for the first few weeks. I'm the queen of going to fast/far/much too soon, and I'm paying the price now. I don't want to see that happen to you, love! Slower and steady :) Oh and I can't wait to hear February's news!