Monday, November 18, 2013

What's Ahead?

Survival is the name of the game folks- as I alluded to previously, there's a lot going on that I can't/won't discuss here but suffice it to say- some big decisions are being prayed about and dealt with.  On another note- I ran!!! Outside!!! for the first time in a month due to my schedule, the weather, and the bronchitis.  It was slow- painfully slow- but it happened and it can only go up from here- right?

I have 2 races coming up before Christmas (well, at least 2- there's a possibility of 1 more).  Thanksgiving Day will be the local Turkey Trot 5K.  I signed up for this one last year then plans changed so I didn't stay in town to run this one.  This year, I'm here and I'm going.  It's not going to be pretty- it's going to be slow but since I have pretty much started my journey all over again it's just how it is going to be.  I also am doing the Jingle Bell Run again.  I did this one last year- it's the fundraiser for arthritis and since I have arthritis in my hips and back I will support this one every year for as long as I am able to do so.  I have joined a "team" this year in support of a little girl with arthritis.

I have plans to do the local New Year's race again (hopefully not in a cold downpour like last year) and then just a couple weeks later there's this amazing opportunity that has presented itself.

Did You Know:
  • There are estimated to be 27 million slaves worldwide.
  • This industry brings in $32 billion a year, and those numbers are increasing daily.
  • Reportedly, 161 countries are affected by human trafficking as either sources, transit centers or destinations.
  • 80% of trafficked victims are women. More and more young girls and women are being sold, trafficked, or forced into prostitution.
  • The average age of trafficking victims worldwide is 12 years old.
  • Every 120 seconds a child is sold into slavery - 30 per hour - 720 a day - 1.2 million a year. This is why we must take a stand now!

Knoxville is hosting a first annual Run for Their Lives 5K (or Walk a Mile in Their Shoes).  This race is designed to bring awareness and support to human trafficking.  Here in Knoxville we sit at a crossroads of Interstate 75 and Interstate 40 and surprisingly, it's more of an issue here than one would think.  Just last week there was a news report of a traffic stop here in Knoxville that led to arrests for this growing problem.  The race costs $24 and if you are local they would love to have your support!  If you aren't-check out the website and see if there's a race coming to your area.  You can see more info (or sign up to participate or volunteer) HERE!  I am volunteering beforehand and running the 5K myself.  I am contemplating whether I want to set up my own fundraising page or just try to convince all I know to sign up!  I have about a week to decide!  Firewall Ministries is one of the local ministries that will benefit from this run.  Here's the thing-the City of Knoxville told the coordinators not to expect more than 100 runners for this first one, especially for the middle of January.  They so desperately want to show the city leaders that we care about this growing problem and want to put an end to it and have so many more than 100 runners that they will be blown away!  Want to see more?  Check out this video below:

R4TL 2011 from Brentwood Church on Vimeo.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

proud that you are getting back into it. It will be a slow process as you get back into the swing of things but slow is better than nothing. Keep us posted about the fundraising. Obviously I won't sign up for the event. :)

Tami said...

it will be slow- and this is a busy week so I have to be intentional with what I do- I NEED to be intentional.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Thanks for fixing the video. It was a good one. Maybe we can walk and talk when you come at Christmas time. :)

Caitlin H said...

Ahhh love, so so so psyched that you made it out for a few miles!! I hope you're proud of yourself for getting out there again. Not an easy choice, but I hope you'll find it rewarding :) I've heard about that series, too, and wished Pittsburgh had one. The last time I checked we didn't have one around here, but hopefully that will have changed!