Thursday, July 18, 2013

Reality Is...

This will be my life in a few short weeks- LOL (and it is SO very true)

This is a question I need to ask myself on a regular basis (and not just me but am I doing something that is pleasing to God)

20 years has passed way too fast

That sometimes a laugh is just what is needed (think about it) LOL

sometimes a word from THE WORD is just what is needed

sometimes it hurts (and I know I have shared this before)

and sometimes it's that simple reminder of where my heart needs to truly be

Not a lot of words today- I honestly, just don't have them- between working on health coaching studies and pondering through some things (read: realizing through conversations that I had let go of things that I didn't realize I had let go of and figuring out exactly what that means...) my words are elsewhere right now- and that's okay.  I'm thinking through some goals and how much to share and maybe, just maybe, you'll get a peek at what God is doing in my life (referencing the letting go)

Question for you- what is your reality?


Bill (cycleguy) said...

You think you are old (20 years going by so quickly)? Try being 60 and knowing said young lady has been out of high school 20 years. Holy mackerel! keep thinking and doing. BTW: the Pin it keeps blocking out some of the pictures you pin. :) Love you and look forward to seeing you Thursday.

Tami said...

:) I will keep thinking and doing. I know about the pin it button but I guess short of saving the pictures to my computer I don't know what else to do- they changed the format :( Love you too and see you soon!

Elizabeth said...

It is SO hard to just "let go and let God." Trust me, I know. It took a lot of hard life lessons for me to finally let go and trust that God really knows what He's doing in my life far better than I do. That is my reality. And once I woke myself up to it, life has been much easier - still with ups and downs - but much easier. Take care, fellow SPA :)

Tami said...

Elizabeth- I know- and I learning! It's a continuous process LOL :)