Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moving Tunes

Decided to make this a much lighter post today since my last two have been a bit "heavier" and I have added some new tunes to my playlist and decided it was time for an end of the summer playlist update! I should add that I have changed some things- I am no longer running with my headphones- I still play the music but I just listen to it out loud.  I am trying to be more aware of my surroundings (hence the reason for no headphones).  I also have a wide variety- from Christian music to "secular" music and newer music  to old school music. 

Today's Top Ten (in no particular order and the links go to the youtube video)

1. Natalie Grant- Hurricane
2. Mandisa- Overcomer (this just came out to buy on iTunes within the last couple of weeks)
3. New Kids on the Block- Hangin' Tough (someone told me to hang tough with something and then this song got stuck in my head- sorry dad!)
4. NKOTB- Remix (I Like The)- not a fan of the video but I like the song and it's a good one to run to.  Funny story- a friend from church watches Blue Blood and said her teenage daughter wanted to know why the guy from BB was on this video(that would be Donnie Wahlberg) (again, sorry dad)
5. Disciple- Draw the Line (did I redeem myself dad?)
6. Colton Dixon- This is Who I Am (I really do like his songs! I think I mentioned in the last post that I am a big fan)
7. Mandisa- Stronger (always have liked this song)
8. Anthem Lights- Outta My Mind
9. Newsboys- I Am Second
10. Backstreet Boys- In a World Like This (yeah, I know but I heard it when roaming through iTunes one day and liked it- LOL- I like boy bands when can I say?)

So- any new songs on your playlist?


Flaming June said...

Wow! I really love most of these songs. We seem to have very similar musical tastes!
And I even enjoyed the "Remix" video. It's not often that you see a normal woman displayed in a positive light.
My favorite song right now is this:
I was introduced to it by someone in blogland. (wouldn't be surprised if it was you!) The lyrics and beat are very run appropriate!

Flaming June said...

Sorry - my link isn't clickable. The song is "Incorruptible" by Beckah Shae.

jillconyers said...

Great songs! I don't listen to music when I run but otherwise music is always on in our house and the car too!

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Do you honestly think one song would/could redeem you? You left off Stryper, Tommy James, Styx, Journey, Huey Lewis (Power of Love), need I say more? But least you have one good one here (Disciple). Oh, you left off DeGarmo & Key "Long Distance Runner." But other than that...I still love you. lol

Tami said...

Flaming June- I know I linked that one before- I picked new ones this time but that one is still on my list!

Tami said...

Jill- I would go stir crazy ;) but I am enjoying it a lot more without the headphones in

Tami said...

Dad, dad, dad- we so don't have the same styles of music ;) LOL