Monday, June 17, 2013

Refocus, recharging, reenergized

Yep, it's that time- time to get refocused, recharged, and reenergized!  Thankfully, they all work together to help me become a better person- physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Last Monday I took a visit to the doctor's office for my annual insurance physical.  I left discouraged but determined.  You see, a little over a year ago she told me that I would be just fine being around a specific number on the scale (not something I am choosing to share at this point).  At one point in this journey I was 7 lbs away from that number and then I got lazy plus started working on half marathon training and in the process gained back 13 lbs- so, when I went in I thought I had about 20 lbs to go.  She burst my bubble really quickly by informing that really I needed to go about 15-20 lbs below her original number for me and that means I now have 35-40 lbs to lose.  All I wanted to do was cry at that point- I had worked hard- yes, I had slipped up in the last few months but to hear that was discouraging.  At that point I knew I had a choice- I could let that discouragement knock me down or I could use that discouragement as a stepping stone and a wake up call to refocus and reestablish my goals. 

 So, this week- I have been working on that.  My mom reminded me that it really is taking small steps- one step at a time- one pound at a time.  So, that's my plan for the rest of the summer- to refocus on my diet and refocus on exercise.  I'm considering taking part in one of the dietbets that are available- because who doesn't work harder when money is on the table.  I have a month and a half to get myself recharged and reenergized before school starts again and I have a few goals that I am setting (but I am still working on them right now so not ready to share).

Again, I know this video is a baseball video but every time I hear these commercials come on tv it gives me pause because these men have a goal in mind- they are working for a common goal and I need to approach my goals the same way- to do what it needs to take to get the job done... (legally of course ;) LOL)


jillconyers said...

Love the quote and the video!

That point when you feel refocused and reenergized is amazing and propels you forward!

Anonymous said...

Just keep at it. Small steps is the definite way to go!

Caitlin H said...

Your mom sounds like a wonderfully wise woman, love! Small steps is the best way to go through step, one hour, one day at a time, and you can get through just about anything! If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask :)