Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goal #1 and an app review

So, as I mentioned the other day I am working on some goals- rather than saving them all up, especially knowing that they can be tweaked, changed, added to, or eliminated (as needed), I decided to share them as I solidify them a bit.  Goal #1 is simple (or maybe not).  A couple of weeks ago I turned 38 and started thinking about how there's only 2 years until 40 and what I wanted to do to leading up to that.  So, what I have decided is that I am going to run 40 races before 40.  I'm not limiting them to 40 of one kind- just 40 races in general.  My first of those 40 will be this Saturday with a half marathon (yes, I signed up for another one- this one I am also regretting- it's HOT out there!  But, I did it for the training aspect and while I don't feel completely ready and know that my time may be slower I am setting some goals with the race).  Join me on my journey of 40 before 40.

Now, as part of the Sweat Pink ambassadorship I had the opportunity to review a fitness app- I have held off so that I could maybe get a couple more workouts in with it but I want to get my thoughts up so you can have a chance to try it out.  The app is called PumpUp and it's available for the iPhone.  From what I understand an Android version is coming soon... 

Once you download the app and go through the sign up process it's pretty easy to walk through. 

You choose your goal, your fitness level and how long you want to work out.  Then you move to..

Where you work out- once you choose at home or in the gym you choose what equipment you have available to you.  Mine is marked with the cardio being the treadmill and the other being my exercise ball.  Your next step is to choose what muscles you want to work and what add-ons you want to add.  After that- it builds your workout.  While it is building the workout it gives you little tips that you can scroll through.

After it has your workout built it puts on the screen with movements that you can see how to do the exercise.  And, if the  movements are enough if you hit the little info button you can get written instructions. 

Here are my thoughts (pros and cons)
 -can be set based on the amount of time and equipment available.  For example- when I go to a conference next month I will be taking my kettlebell and my dumbbells.  Obviously I won't take my exercise ball or my treadmill so I will adjust it for a different workout.

-perfect for a rainy day, sick kid, or any other situation found in life

-it's portable (being on the phone)

-it walks you through the workouts

-There is a "lady" who talks through the workout
-It moves fast between exercises.  I know you can stop it/pause it but when you aren't holding the phone due to doing the exercise it's hard to get to the phone to do so to allow you to get into position.  A 5-10 second pause between exercises would be better.
-And then, there's the breaks between the circuits (because you repeat them)- some of them are a bit longer but you can hit the next button to avoid that.
-I wish it were available on the iPad.  I can download it as an iPhone app but I can't get it to open- I either can't get it to move beyond a certain point or I get a white screen when it should be opening up the app.  Others have had no issues.  I prefer the bigger screen. 

Overall- I really liked this app and the main app is free.  You can upgrade it for a small fee.  BUT, you can give it a chance by using the code PRO30 for free 30 day upgrade to the pro version. 

Oh, and there's the following: You  can enter to win a $50 Lululemon gift card and PumpUp tank by tweeting the following:  I just tweeted to win $50 @LuluLemon giftcard and a sweet @PumpUp workout tank! itunes.apple.com/app/id573070442 #PumpUpContest

Some good stuff there!

*as a Sweat Pink ambassador I received the upgrade free in compensation for my review.  I was not required to give a positive review. 



Flaming June said...

With race fees what they are, I hope you'll still be able to make the mortgage (ha!)
Anyway, I love that you are making goals. If we don't aim high, we'll always hit low. I can't wait to hear all about your upcoming races. Don't overheat this weekend!

Caitlin H said...

That is an AWESOME goal, love!! I can't wait to watch you go after this over the next two years :)