Thursday, April 4, 2013

Music Motivates

and recently I was intrigued by a post from a friend on FB who was asking for running motivating songs.  Then, to bring it all together a fellow SPA (sweat pink ambassador) decided to do a link up of blog posts with some of your favorite motivating songs on your playlist.  Now, the thing about my playlist is that the majority of it is Christian- out of the 58 songs on my playlist (titled half marathon) about 16 of them are "secular".  And each one of those 16 are there for a reason- there is something about them that makes them meaningful and a MUST for my playlist- they are the ones that are there to remind me of why I am doing this.  So, without further adieu my list of 10's :)

My Top 10 newly added songs (in no particular order)
1. You'll Never Be Alone by Capital Kings
2. Up Around the Bend- CCR (I watched Remember the Titans over spring break and realized I needed some of THAT music on my list)
3. King of the Comebacks- Audio Adrenaline (great message- and a good beat)
4. I Climb the Mountain-Audio Adrenaline (a slower one but just some good thoughts to have when I am running)
5. Human- Manafest
6. He Moves You Move- Audio Adrenaline (yes, I am liking their new album)
7. Where My Heart Goes- Colton Dixon (another one I am liking- reminds me of why I run)
8. Unstoppable- tobyMac (yeah, a good one to get moving to)
9. It's a Beautiful Day- Michael Buble' (yes, I know this is an odd one to have on a running list but it's a "happy" song)
10. Incorruptible- Beckah Shae (she is not a well known artist but she has some good "moving" music and this song- WOW- so much so- that I am linking the video) :)

My Top 10 "oldies but goodies" (In no particular order)
1. We Are Never Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift (yes, I know but the beat is just a fun one)
2. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield (just a reminder that each day is a blank canvas)
3. Walk on the Water- Britt Nicole (again, love the message of this one)
4. Brand New Book- Train (this was one of the theme songs from The Biggest Loser- love the message here too)
5. Eye on It- Toby Mac- (this is a newer song but has been on my playlist for a while- it's a GREAT running song with a GREAT running message)
6. Happy by Ayiesha Woods (the title says it all)
7. I Will Follow- Chris Tomlin (just my reminder of why I am doing this journey)
8. It's My Life- Bon Jovi (it's now or never :) LOL )
9. Who Says You can't go home- Bon Jovi
10. Fight Another Day- Addison Road (this is another one that may seem odd but it's meaningful)

So- my question for you- what songs are on YOUR playlist?


Bill (cycleguy) said...

In answer to your question: how can i say this delicately? NONE! :) You know my tastes and they tend to be different from yours. Sure surprised King & Queens not on it. and more Britt Nicole though. You might want to add some Stryper and Disciple. No Reckless? No "Hello My Name is...?" i will give you kudos for CCR. i would even okay Eye on It and Bon Jovi's It's My Life. i will also give you a hard time for your song choices that are not rock. But love you anyway.

Kim @ Healthy Nest said...

I've never heard that Beckah Shae song, but I'm kind of digging it! Thanks for sharing these!

Flaming June said...

Just discovered your blog through the Spring playlist link... and apparently we share identical musical taste! How cool is that! Anyway, gonna go back in time and read some of your entries but just wanted to pop in and say "Hi!"

Caitlin Helsel said...

What a cool idea! Love anything by Bon Jovi :D My fav song on my running playlist right now is "Little Talks"...on there 5 times at least!

Tami said...

Oh, Kings and Queens and britt nicole are both in heavy rotation on my playlist :) Really Stryper? Disciple? Matthew West was heard after I made my list it will go on there :) Love you too!

Tami said...

Kim- it's a good one!

Tami said...

June- going to check yours out as well! Love my music!

Tami said...

Caitlin- I haven't heard that one- I'll check it out

Jodi Stuber said...

love that you split up into 2 categories. I dont really have a playlist currently- been working on running without (GASP!!!) but definitely need to update for hot summer runs ;) going to follow you- SPA from the link up

Tami said...

Thanks Jodi- I'm going to try to do some running without music and see how it goes

Kelly N said...

Some GREAT songs on that list!! Especially those Bon Jovi classics!!

Nanci @ This Crazy Life of Mine said...

I love seeing the wide variety of music that people like to run too. Found your blog from the playlist link! :)