Sunday, March 31, 2013

Long Time Coming :)

This post has been a long time coming- spring break, some travel, and some R & R (resting and running) have taken place.  There have been setbacks and some steps forward as well.  I'm going to hit a few highlights and a few lowlights.  We'll start with the low:

This- can really mess with the training.  Isn't supposed to be spring?  My caption on FB was  "It's baaaacckkk." :)  LOL  Seriously though- when I went to IN, I ended up doing some short mileage (3) on Saturday afternoon because this stuff was to start moving in on Sunday (and it did just later than expected).  I probably could have still run but I'm over running in the rain and snow (more on that later).

Silly knee- I started out on Thursday (in the midst of a freeze warning mind you- and for my dad it was warmer in Spencer this day- it was 34 in Spencer and 29 in Knoxville at the time) with great plans to get 13 miles in.  I decided to do a hill that is on the half marathon route and before I actually started it my knee was bothering me.  That wasn't good :(  I ended up only getting 4.5 miles in.  9 miles short- not good.  Then Friday night I ran a 5K and it was fine.  IF I can catch the break in the rain on Sunday morning I'll give it a shot then (I went to Easter service on Saturday night).

Okay, so the highlights:
BIG BIG news on Thursday (I will share soon- need to work on a post that lays it all out)

I ran this 5K on Friday night to benefit Lupus- a cause that is near and dear because I have a very dear friend who suffers with it daily.  It was a small, local race.  There were not a lot of runners and I think even fewer than planned due to the chilly rain- yes, it was raining AGAIN- I have yet to run an IRL race this year that there hasn't been rain or snow.  Anyway, due to the small number of participants there were only 4 people in my age bracket and I finished 3rd so I actually got a medal!  It was fun and a unique awards experience (you had to be there).  On that note- that was race #7 of 13 (3 of which have been IRL and 4 have been virtual).  The course was longer than the actual 3.1 miles- it clocked in on my runtastic app at 3.25 and my time was 36:03 HOWEVER, my 3.12 miles was right at 35:00- which I am cool with since I am back to cutting time off of my runs. :)

Oh, and the other day I got notification that I won a chance to participate in an online boot camp experience that Tina puts on.  I'm excited for this opportunity and hopefully will see some great results!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

View from the Teacher's Desk- Part 1

So this post is totally NOT fitness/health related except for the burden on my heart to share from my heart.  Recently (or not so recently) there have been many articles/news reports/press releases/etc. bashing teachers, the current administration (locally and federally), and the value of everything from Common Core to public school PreK. 

The part that hurts- the teacher bashing.  You see, I didn't become a teacher for the paycheck- not to say that it's not okay but I can't imagine trying to raise a family (especially with family insurance costs) on the amount a teacher brings home (if it's the only salary).  I spend LOTS of money per month out of my own paycheck (which I can't claim because I don't itemize- oh and that teacher tax break- doesn't count if you are PreK) to provide books, manipulatives, and learning opportunities for my students (again, not that I don't receive help in that area).  The teacher bashing comes from all areas- parents, students, local education leaders, federal education leaders and the worst of all- other teachers.  Bottom line- no matter where I teach, what I teach, or whom I teach- we all have the same job day in and day out- to go to work, to teach our students to the best of our abilities, pray for those kiddos, and trust that the process will work.  When I got into teaching- I was gung ho- I loved to share what I was learning, ideas, thoughts, and daily "drivel" with other teachers and loved gleaning from their expertise.  However, all the changes has led to even more changes- hard ones- teachers have to have that ace up the sleeve all the time- which then in turn leads to petty disagreements and an unwillingness to share.  The spirit of teaching has changed and that breaks my heart.  I know that things are not always easy (as evidenced by my Alexander day(s) and the many tears cried over heartache) but that doesn't mean my passion is gone.  So much pressure, so few resources, and so little time lead to an overwhelming burden...

*due to needing to cut down on my wordiness I have decided to break this up in parts so this is where I leave you...until next time (which I am unsure when that will be written)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Yes, yes, it's been one of THOSE days!  If you have never read this children's book, well then RUN (LOL) to the nearest library and check it out (that was very Reading Rainbowish) 
Today was one of those days for me- where a move to Australia (or Greece, Romania, or even just simply to Florida) would have been desirable.  I was on edge most of the day which started when I ran into (not literally) someone else who was on edge.  Unfortunately, instead of allowing my attitude become the positive one to dictate my day, I allowed the negative one to overtake my heart.  Which then led me to fussing at everything and everyone- even those who didn't deserve it.  When I was gently corrected (not to my face but within my hearing) my heart broke, as did my spirit, when I realized how my words were impacting those around me.  After I allowed forgiveness to wash over me (while getting some much needed vitamin D) I asked for forgiveness from those I had hurt (and thankfully they accepted that forgiveness and one of them- a 5 year old- kept reassuring me that "It's okay, Ms. Tami."  In the meantime, I am planning on an early bedtime to get some extra sleep and being thankful that His mercies are new EVERY morning!

Now, onto the main reason for the post- Saturday I did run 6 out of 13 in 2013.  Jill and Jennifer set up a virtual race in the 13 in 2013 series- the St. Patrick's Day Virtual race- I signed up for the 10K and planned on it being part of an 8 mile training run.  I tried a new to me route (which I think I will like once my knee is stronger- I did the out and back fairly easily- which was 5.2 miles) and ended up doing almost 9 miles.  I did not run the whole thing and my knee was okay until about mile 7.  Not too much longer and I'm back to my 5K's :)  Anyway, below is the pic with the details.  I did do a 10K at another time (which I apparently lost all of the info for so I may try it again) and was able to cut some time off of that.  I desperately need to get a decent run into tomorrow and again on Sunday afternoon (hopefully the weather in Indiana cooperates since it's spring break!). 

Thanks for visiting and my question is- other than a workout how do YOU combat a bad day?  (I need some suggestions- oh, and I don't drink so I won't try any of that) :)

 **all images (except the virtual recap) were taken from pinterest (various sources)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Week... and then some

It's been a crazy last week and a half- some of it I can't share right now, some of it is personal, and some of it just makes me want to pull my hair out.  It's been full of ups and downs (a lot of them).  However, for the most part- they have been ups.  The two main downs have been just annoyances- part of life.  One of them- first, my thought on FB was- that my pet peeve involved hackers/virus creators who have nothing better to do than destroy the property of others.  Bottom line- my computer has some viruses (thankful for a GREAT landlord who is helping me rid them all).  A few months ago I had computer issues that ended up being a result of my virus scan program doing something strange- I'm pretty careful about the sites I visit and the things I download so I didn't reinstall it right away.  BIG mistake and one that will quickly be rectified when I get it back!  If they are that good- they need to find a REAL job!  LOL

The second one involved the minor annoyance of having a car- went in for an oil change and needed brakes also- $200 later- ugh.  And, 3 months to save up for tires.  Yesterday was one of those days where I wished that I lived close to work so I could walk (but then there's the fact I have so much stuff- but hey- it would cut down on what I bring home...)  Oh well, such is life and today was a much better day!  We are down to 8 days until Spring Break and less than a month to the half marathon (still questioning my sanity right now- seriously dreading it).  I did finally get a 6 miler in on Sunday (gorgeous day) and am looking for an 8 miler on Saturday.  That's the plan anyway- need to figure out where to run it.  I actually would like something relatively flat instead of where I have been going.  The hills are killing me and I need something a little flatter to allow me to get a longer one in.  After that I'll have to do a 10 miler at my parents and then a 13 miler when I come home during spring break.  At that point it will be taper time.  I am considering a 5K to benefit lupus on Good Friday- it's in the evening and local.  After that half- sticking to the 5K's!

I have tried a new breakfast recipe- it was much better than I thought it would be- I'm still "perfecting" it so I will share when I think it's 'ready'.  On the food note- I am struggling with a serious sweet tooth- any suggestions in overcoming it? 

On another note- see this sign- I really like it- you can find it here :)  and if someone would be so inclined to get it for me I would be grateful- LOL (and really surprised)!  (seriously though I will probably be getting this for myself- I just checked it out and they are 50% off and then another 25% off with a code on the item page! )

Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 out of #13in13

Saturday was race number 5.  Almost halfway through this crazy journey I started on!  The first race of the year was run in a torrential downpour and the other 4 have been virtual races due to weather.  Well, this time- for Saturday's race- it was the real deal.  They were calling for snow and it did- not a lot- in fact, when I left my house it was snowing pretty hard but then by the time I got to the Knoxville Zoo (where the race was starting) it was just wet.  An hour later- at start time (8:15) it was snowing light flakes and it snowed the whole race.  This year has been full of "firsts" for me- running in the rain and now running in the snow.  A year ago I would have laughed in your face if you had told me that I would have been running in those conditions.

A few details about the race- I finished in 35:39- which was faster than my New Year's Race by 20 seconds (but not a PR).  However, due to the recent IT band issues- I was happy with that.  My plan is this weekend (which is supposed to be in the 60's and gorgeous) to have a longer run and see how that goes.  This course had to be rerouted due to flooding on one of the roads and it had about 3 hills- and oh my they were some crazy hills (so that makes my team even more meaningful).  And honestly, I'm still not 100% sure it was a full 5K- my gps on my runtastic app said 2.9 but a friend also ran and hers said 3.6.  She said she was a little further back but she was NOT a half mile back so my guess is that it was around the 3.1 and my gps was a little off.

So- what's next?  Amped up training for the half.  I have to get on this!

This is the only picture from the actual run that I am in-  I am on the far right side in the black pants with the bib attached to the pants.  This was the first hill and I am proud to say I ran that whole stinkin' hill!  I have no picture of myself because as I posted on FB: "Today I was doing a local 5K and I was running it by myself (which I am fine with). The hard part is crossing the finish line or seeing those on the sidelines cheering loved ones on knowing that I don't have anyone there cheering me on, to take a picture as I cross the finish line, to encourage me as I am running to keep on going. It struck me today and made me a little sad :( I know God's plan is bigger and it's just part of my journey..."

Oh, and as a side note- I am amending my March goals- I have already bombed the one soda a week one so my new goal in that is that on top of my 70-80 oz of water I already drink I drink an extra 16 oz. for each soda I drink (which is honestly no more than one a day if that)

This is for March's 5 by the 5th!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Letter to the God- Sized Dreamers

I don't even know where to start- about now, you are maybe starting to feel discouraged, maybe a little frustrated, and a lot confused.  I know, I was there.  I started to really pursue the steps to make a God-sized dream a reality and then realized quickly I had a huge obstacle.  I stopped looking, prayed, cried, questioned (and I'll admit, I pouted a bit too), and yet, knew that if it were to happen it would take a God-sized miracle.  And then I prayed, waited, and then continued to pray.  What happened next was beyond the scope of my understanding.  That God-sized miracle happened!  I don't understand it, I can't comprehend it, and I was speechless (and crying) but I will say that the lessons I learned are worth even more than the fulfillment of the dream. 

So, in the waiting, in the journey to your God-sized dream- soak in the lessons, take joy in the journey and continue to lean on the trusting arms of the one who gave you that dream.  The one who placed that precious heartbeat within you that beats for a purpose and who gives you the strength to conquer the obstacles in the way.   Keep on going because you never know who you will inspire in your journey!

This is linking up to Holley's weekly series God Sized Dreamers

Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Goals

I have been thinking about my goals for the month of March and I finally think I have fine tuned them.  The first two are going to be the same as my February goals so here goes:

1. Have lights OFF by 10:30 during the week/weeknights.  I am up by 4:30 every day so I need to make sure I am getting enough sleep!

2. Have at least one day a week of strength training (this could be through the wii, kettlebell, or at the gym- but one day at week minimum)

3. My nutrition goal- to have only one soda a week if any, to cut out my fried foods down to one day a week (if at all- I like my CFA and Bojangles- so if I can stay away from those I am good).

4. Run 75 miles in the month of March (that seems like so much but I know that in prep for the marathon it's really not)- and I am already 3.1 into it :)

Not much else today- just wanted to put these out there and make them public- would appreciate the accountability...