Thursday, February 28, 2013


Accountability is always good- most of us have it at work, with our friends, etc.  But, how many of you have it in your fitness life?  If you are "smart" then you will be able to answer with a hearty "ME"!  Last month I saw on Kaylie's blog about workout buddies.  Basically you come up with some goals for the month and have someone that you check in with regularly to see how you are doing.  My buddy for the month of February was Caitlin who blogs over at Chasing Chels.  Interestingly enough we found we have quite a bit in common (although I am quite a bit older than she is- by about 13 years).  She lives in Pittsburgh (where my dad grew up) and loves to run (while I don't LOVE the run I don't mind it).  She also has been a preschool teacher until recently (which I am- LOL)  Anyway, she was a great partner.  Checked in with me regularly on how my three goals were coming along and when she read something on my blog- she emailed me to just let me know she was thinking of me.  That, my friends, is how you stay accountable :)  Thanks Caitlin!  and my March partner is a young (younger than Caitlin) high schooler so that's a whole new dimension and perspective for me :)

My February goals were 3-fold:
1) to have lights out by 10:30 on the weeknights.  I actually did pretty well on this- had a few nights that I struggled (mainly Sundays) but overall I hit this one!
2) to add at least 1 day of strength training- this one- didn't do so well with it :(  Need to get on this
3) to have at least one meatless meal a week- this tended to be breakfast because it's a little easier to do.  I like my meat- what can I say (and when I do meat it's chicken and turkey)

My March goals are still being ironed out but I have a feeling you will see 1 and 2 on there again.

Caitlin- thanks for a great month!  You rock!

So- my question to you is- do you have someone to hold you accountable in your fitness goals?  Who and HOW?


Caitlin Helsel said...

Aww lady love thanks for this!! It made my day :) You were an AMAZING partner, and I want to keep in touch!

Alicia Curley said...

I have a few fitness cheerleaders, but no one to really be a "coach" or Bob Harper in terms of support. I can't decide if that's something I would need or not... but might be good to try?

Great job on getting to bed early. This is one area I wish I could get consistent with. Getting the right amount of sleep makes a HUGE difference!