Thursday, October 11, 2012

Celebrating the "Small Stuff"

Yes, I am celebrating the "small stuff"- those non-scale victories!  You see- for too long I looked to the scale for validation and when it didn't show the validation that I craved- I gave up.  I said, it's too much, too hard, too exhausting, will take too long, etc, etc, etc.  You name the excuse, I gave it.  While I am still on this journey I have no desire to lose my last 10 or so pounds without putting out the effort in my work and diet.  It's not going to be a quick fix- this is not a "I got to my goal now I can ease up".  This is a work to get to my goal and then I work to maintain it! 

So, in light of all of that- I know that to keep my focus and motivation I need to celebrate the small stuff- again those NSV!  I have two today- and they may see incredibly silly but they are mine and they help me know that I am making progress- even on those days when I don't "feel it"

NSV#1- several years ago I bought a just above the knee denim skirt.  Has a little a-line to it and is cute and at the time I was close to that size.  However many years later it still has the price tag on it and 4 months ago I couldn't even get it up over my legs and rear.  The other day I tried again just for kicks and it fits- it's still a bit snug (wouldn't wear it in public just yet) but it FITS- buttoned, zipped and all!  I was SO excited!

NSV #2- and this is probably the silly one for most people.  We have disaster drills at our school (aka tornado drills) to practice in the event of a real one (which we had two real ones within the last two years so the practice is good...).  I have to show the children how to sit in the hallway.  Nowadays they have them sit with their backs against the wall, knees drawn up, head and neck covered with arms (which means your neck is leaning forward).  A year ago I couldn't do it comfortably- it was the most uncomfortable position I have ever put myself in.  It hurt my stomach to have it pressed on and I didn't have the strength in my neck or my legs to keep them there.  Fast forward to today- I was showing them how to do the drill and I had an epiphany!  I could do it!  With ease!  I had the strength in my abs and legs to sit the way I was supposed to have them sit the whole time.  My thighs weren't pressing into my stomach causing all kinds of discomfort and I could do it!  While that seems silly- it's HUGE for me!

So- it helped me to realize the importance of celebrating the "small stuff" because it's actually "big stuff"!

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