Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Balance and Plates Crashing...

It's been a while- I have traveled for my dad's 60th birthday, I have added a few more miles to my running shoes, and I have dealt with barometric pressure and cold weather- through all of that- I haven't done all that I NEEDED to do and am seeing the results of that (aka a plateau). 
I know what I need to do (quit the diet soda cold turkey....again!, get serious in the gym, add even more miles to my running shoes, and get some cold weather exercise clothes) so right now it's about finding balance.

 Do you ever feel like you are juggling so many plates that you aren't sure how to keep them all up in the air and deal with them effectively?  From relationships (or lack thereof) to professional to spiritual to just every day life- I have them all flying through the air and there seems to be no sense of order to them.  That needs to change- I recognize that but I am unsure how to do so.  One thing I DO know- if I don't take care of it all those plates will come crashing to the ground and I will end up crashing and burning.  How do you find the balance we so desperately need?

In the meantime- I have found several posts throughout blogland that I have been wanting to link up- some are workouts- some are just posts with thought provoking questions...  Take a peek! 

Making Fitness a Priority!- I think I need to reread this one myself!

Teaching young children about healthy minds and bodies (my passion!)

Looking for the positive!

And a workout for you- a Commercial Break challenge- I need to make this big and hang it on the wall by the tv!

And one last thing: UnderArmour has a "what's beautiful" campaign.  This graphic is probably my favorite one from all that they have pinned so far! 

What are you striving for today???

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