Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trusting the Process and Beginning Running

Over and over I hear to trust the process.  That if something is going to work- it's going to have to be done through practice.  And that practice leads to success.  To me, that's what it means to Trust the process- believing that sticking with something, even if there aren't results, will gradually bring you amazing results!  I read this blog post this past week that talks about what you need to know when you plateau.  And then, I read this article from several years ago that dealt with the same thing.  Take a look at both- would love to hear your thoughts!

Beginning to run- I began my journey in this area back in January on the treadmill.  I have never been a runner- it was not something I enjoyed- from the sprints, to the basketball drills, to the mile runs in P.E. class- I dreaded them ALL!  However, in January I started walking (under doctor's orders).  I eventually found a couch to 5K app on my phone that I downloaded and began using and found that I didn't mind running as much as I thought I did- then life got in the way and I quit.  Then I wrote this post and things changed.  I picked it back up again with a different app (one that I like better) and brushed my running shoes off to hit the road.  I currently am only running/jogging 1-2 times a week because I am taking spinning 2-3 times a week and walking with a friend another day.  I do have a rest day built in (usually Friday unless I do Zumba).  However, in less than one month from today I will be participating in the Color Run in Nashville- while this is for fun- I still want to do well so I will need to pick up some more running here and there.  Through this I have found that I have gotten so much stronger- the last time I ran using my app I ran 28 minutes straight- for me that is a HUGE accomplishment because 3 months ago I probably suffered through 5.  If running is something you have thought about then here's a great resource for you- Lindsay's blog- The Lean Green Bean had a great post on beginning running- check it out and see what you can glean from it!

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Amber Michelle said...

Hi Tami! Great insight on sticking to your routine when it's easy to get discouraged. No pain, no gain, right? :) Thanks for linking to my blog too! Hope you have a fabulous day! :)