Saturday, September 1, 2012

Motivation from others

These past few weeks have quite crazy with school starting and trying to keep habits going.  I have exercised pretty consistently, tried to get some sleep (not doing as well with that) and just generally tried to keep my stress level down.  The one thing that I have done is keep up with some blogs that I read and then, on top of that, I have found some new ones.  So, I am sharing with you three blog posts that I read this week that really stuck out to me (and only one of them is an actual fitness blog)

The Day I Became a Runner by Katie over Wish and Whimsy

He didn't make me fast, but I still run for His pleasure from the (in)courage blog team.  Loved this post- helped to remember why I do the exercising I do

and When Your Journey Leads you Downhill also by the (in)courage team- this post really has nothing to do with fitness but about following God's leading in your life- which for me ties into the food and fitness aspect.

and to round out today's post- my motivational "sign" for today:
It's so easy to compare myself to others around me- to get caught up in their weight loss (why isn't mine coming off faster?), their skinniness (I will NEVER look like that), and their talents/strengths/abilities (I'm not a runner, I'm not a weight lifter, I'm uncoordinated, I'm not fast, etc).  However, those are all lies- I am who I am, I am the way God made me- it is what it is.  I may not be the best, I may not be the skinniest (and quite frankly that's okay because I am not built that way), I may not be the fastest but, again, I am who God made me and that alone is a reason to NOT compare myself to someone else. 

BTW- I definitely am not perfect at this- I still deal with this and struggle with this on a regular basis but I am learning- I am learning to be content in who God made me and trust that He knows best (sorry if this seemed preachy- just felt that maybe someone needed to read it)

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LetsTalkAndWalk said...

HI Tami! You left a comment over on my blog ( and I wanted you to know I am that person who joined your spin class. Nice to meet you and nice to meet a fellow Knoxville blogger. We will definitely need to meet face to face. I plan to come to spin class again this wednesday!