Thursday, July 5, 2012

Healthy Eating, Healthy Living...

Am continuing just trucking along in this journey.  I have updated my trackers to the right to show my goals and my work at achieving them.  I have decided to do a 100 mile challenge in the month of July- this will be done both through running/walking and spinning.  Yesterday's 90 minute spin class gave me 1/4 of the miles alone! 

In other "news" I made this Taco Bake for dinner tonight.  I modified the original recipe a bit- I changed the ground beef to ground turkey, I used low sodium taco seasoning (although I now have all the ingredients to make my own in the future), and I used low carb tortillas.  It was actually not bad- some changes for next time- a different pan- I used my springform pan because that's what I had but it was not quite the right size for the tortillas, maybe more meat (when I went to Kroger yesterday all they had left were the 48 oz. packages- I divvied it up into 3 equal chunks but it didn't seem to be enough, I was running low at the end of the recipe), and instead of salsa con queso- I may just use plain nacho type cheese or even some melted velveeta. 

I cut this into 8 servings (and had 2), added a little side of corn and broccoli for a decent meal. 
With my changes it ended up being app. 283 calories per serving, 10 g carbs, 18 g fat, and 21 g protein.

Took today off exercise wise- dealing with a headache- it even hurt to try to read.  Enjoy- if you try the recipe I would love to know what you think of it!

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