Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scheduling and sacrifices

I am one who allows my schedule to tend to dictate where and what I do- which is good in a way but NOT when it comes to my workouts and eating.  I did really well with my workouts from January to March of this year and then- boom- from spring break on I just let it go.  However, this coming school year I know that that will have to change.  I had a doctor appointment in early June and my doctor was pleased with my bloodwork- however, I had to go on a low dose of blood pressure medicine after several high readings.  She gave me some thoughts about using this summer to get my health back in order- taking the time to eat healthy and get myself back into exercising and then she laid down the "law"- I HAVE to continue it once school starts- doctor's orders.  So, when I saw this pin over on Pinterest (you can follow me here if you wish) it really resonated with me and I know that this is what I have to do.  I know that I will have to make time sacrifices as well as other sacrifices.  However, it is what it is and what I have to do.  So, while I am getting this blog back up and running for the summer I will need to continue during the school year (this is where I need your help in my accountability!)

I will be penning in those workouts.  I would LOVE to hear how you make sure you get your workouts in!

On a second note- I really am trying to make some healthier recipes that I am finding over on pinterest.  I LOVE buffalo chicken and the kick that it gives but I have struggled finding an unbreaded buffalo chicken recipe that has enough of a kick that I really like it.  I have found it (although I might add a bit more buffalo sauce the next time).  I used Plain Chicken's Grilled Buffalo Chicken recipe .  I did use the thinly sliced chicken breasts from Perdue AND I also actually made them on my George Foreman because I don't have a grill.  But, it was delicious and approximately 190 calories per chicken breast. 

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