Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What if you Can?

I have searched and searched for a clip of a video that would be perfect- I knew what clip I wanted but I just could NOT find it anywhere.  It's from Biggest Loser Season 9 with "contestants" who were from Knoxville- Ashley and Sherry Johnston.  In it they are having a conversation with the camera and Ashley says something to the effect of but what if I can't do it and Sherry looks at her and says, "But what if you can?".  They just wrapped up season 13 and I still remember that part- I think because it resonated with me and still continues to do so.  So often it's easy to give up and quit- especially with lack of results but I have come to realize that one bad food choice, one day of no exercise, one time of not "emptying my tank" (that's in reference to this blog post from Olivia Ward) does NOT define me- in fact, it should provide me the motivation to do better the next time.  So, since I have started this journey I have done 3 things- I have started back up to my couchto5k program, I have gone back to Zumba, and I have gone to spin class (and have really enjoyed it).  My goal is to continue with it and when I think that "I can't do this" to remember the response- BUT, what if you can!? 

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