Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Workout Wednesday

So the workout this morning didn't happen.  I was extremely tired this morning.  We had a really bad storm last night and my power went out about 11:15 and didn't come back on until 4:15 this morning.  I didn't quite feel up to getting up this morning.  Tomorrow evening at 6 is when I am meeting my new trainer so I may share a bit tomorrow night about how that went!  

Breakfast- peanut butter and banana tortilla, sb cereal bar
Lunch- SB chicken and walnut salad kit (YUM) with s-f jello, fruit, tomato soup (small bowl)
Snack- SB snack bar
Snack 2- string cheese
Snack 3 (about 5)- SB meal bar
Dinner (8ish)- 2 turkey burgers (with cheese and no bun), brown rice with ICBINB and 2 % cheese (about 1/4 ounce)
Beverages- over 70 ounces

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