Thursday, August 23, 2007

thursday- the week is almost over

Today was a crazy day at school. The fifth grade teachers and students are gone on a "bonding" experience to a local retreat center which meant we didn't have reading today (our kids all move to their levels and the fifth grade teachers teach kids other than 5th graders). however we found out at 7:29 and we pick up our kids for the morning at 7:30- we literally had one minute to get ready for that. We aren't doing it tomorrow either but at least we had 14 hours warning!

Breakfast- egg, sausage with cheese (from an egg mcmuffin-without the muffin)
lunch-cheese and pepperoni from a pizza (nothing else from the pizza though), turkey (lunchmeat), cheese, and s-f jello
pm snack- peanuts
dinner- grilled chicken sandwich (minus the bun) and 1/2 a side salad from Wendy's
dessert- nsa creamsicle

beverages- 32 oz. water, 10 oz. water, 16.9 oz. water, 20 oz. diet coke (with ice from Wendy's)

Only a few more days on phase one and then I can start adding things in one at a time. I'm trying to figure out what I will add in first!

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