Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday at last!!

Oh, YEAH!! Tomorrow is Saturday and the only thing I "have" to do is get a haircut. I'm so ready to do nothing! And, I'm VERY excited to get to sleep in.

Breakfast- egg and sausage patty, 8 oz. skim milk
Lunch- chicken patty, turkey, cheese, s-f jello
pm snack- nothing
dinner- Cracker Barrel (who has a low carb menu). I ordered a smothered chicken tenderloins (which is grilled chicken covered with bacon and colby cheese), side salad with ranch, double order of green beans

That was the most awesome dinner that I have had in a long time. It was really good AND if I had been going straight home i would have brought some of it home so that I could have had some of it for lunch tomorrow.

I also walked 2.5 miles yesterday and at least 2.5 miles today (but I'm pretty sure it was more). I found out that one of the reasons my pedometer isn't working is because it keeps being reset. Whenever I move a certain way or hold something against my hip around where it's sitting it's hitting the reset button. So, that's one problem with one of my "free" ones. I took the other back to Target because I never got it to work. I'm going to check out Wal-Mart tomorrow.

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Maria said...

Hey Tami, we had a similar day! I accidently shut off my pedometer when it fell off my pants. My pedometer keeps falling off my pants whenever I bend over. I also ate out for dinner last night and it was yummy!

Hope you have a wonderful day!