Thursday, August 16, 2007

Much Better Thursday

Today was definitely not as stressful as yesterday but boy, I am exhausted. My plan is to stay and work at school tomorrow evening until about 5 or so to prepare for next week so that next week I don't have to stay late on the few days that I can (Monday and Friday). I have a meeting after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and sausage patty (from McDonald's), slice of cheese, 8 oz. skim milk
am snack- none
lunch- chicken salad made with 2 eggs, s-f jello, about 4 slices of cucumber, slice of cheese
pm snack- string cheese, 1 oz. almonds
dinner- 1 1/2 grilled chicken breast (small), sugar snap peas with butter (acutally it's I can't Believe it's not butter)
dessert- no sugar added creamsicle

Beverages: 24 oz. dt. mtn. dew (one more bottle), 32 oz. of water this morning, 2 16.9 oz. bottles and am working on number 3 and will probably get to number 4 because I'm so thirsty right now.

As of 8:30 my steps are about 9300 so i'm going to try to up it to 10,000 but unfortunately I don't have a lot of walking to around the house. First of all, it's not that big and second of all, after finishing this post I need to work on grades. This is the bad part of 1st grade- I actually have to keep grades.

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