Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Where I Have Been...

This is not one of those posts that say all I have been up to (even though that's what the title may allude to).  It's actually a post that will take a look back at some of my journey.  Last fall I started participating in a study called Weigh Less 2 Feed More.  It's put on by RevWell (Revelation Wellness).  They are the same people who did a clean hearting challenge in August.  Anyway, I began the study but for whatever reason I didn't finish it.  I got hung up on a specific chapter with some things that I struggle with and just kind of got stuck there.  My plan is to begin again after the 30 day challenge/study that I am doing now is over.  I think I am ready.  Anyway, all that to say- in the first week of videos- Alisa (the founder of RevWell) said these words.  I wrote them down and they have stuck with me since.  So- with adding The Little Way challenge and the Y challenge that I am part of- I decided it was time to take a look back.  Look at the good and the bad, the smooth paths and the obstacles, the mountains and the valleys.

So- here goes- my trip back in time. I have seen times of joy and heartache with my job, my personal life and my spiritual life.  And guess what- to get to the mountain peak you have to start out in the valley.  You have to climb those mountains and on the way you are skirting many obstacles- rocks, boulders, holes, critters.  When you get to the mountain top you look out and it's beauty as far as the eye can see.  I think of Gatlinburg- even in the ashes you find beauty.  Even when the fire has burned a scar so deep that you think it can never be healed- you can and do find healing and beauty.  But, guess what- to get to the next mountain you have to go back down into the valley and fight your way up again and the cycle continues until you reach the destination.  

I have experienced loss- just like everyone- but a loss that I never knew I wanted until I didn't have it anymore.  And through that loss, I found joy- a joy that I thought I already had but then realized that with the heartache and the surrender of what once was- I had an even deeper joy.  

I have been sick- emotionally but even more so- physically.  My body has fought on many occasions and through it I came out weaker, yet stronger.  It gave me a renewed desire to bring my body back to health.  It gave me insights into what others felt.  It gave me a glimpse into where I was heading physically if I didn't take control- or rather give Him control- of it.

You can see I didn't have to give any specifics- because each of us walk this journey- each of us have our own path, our own trip back in time.  There's a saying that says to only look back to see how far you have come.  I totally agree with this- we can't live in the past, we can't have a "should have" life.  It's okay to look and see what you have learned but it's not okay to park there and dwell on it- it's time to take a peek in the rearview mirror and then turn our eyes to the road in front of us because it's not where have been- it's where we are going.  And that... is a subject for my next post :)

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