Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What Keeps You Up at Night?

*disclosure- I received an advance digital copy of the book and will receive a signed hard copy upon release as part of this launch party group.

Last week I got some great news (which was good because I had a rough week).  I had been chosen for the launch team of Pete Wilson's new book.  A few years ago I read Plan B by Pete and it was quite timely for the stage of life I was in (actually I have it sitting out to reread if I ever find any free time).  I also have Empty Promises and would like to read Let Hope In.

So- let's back up- how did this come about.  I was reading through FB one day (see FB can be good) and saw a post on Pete Wilson's wall about his new book and the launch.  

(see that tag line- that is what led me to follow through)

I read these words: "I wrote this book for me and so many others that at times feel paralyzed by uncertainty. You know as well as I do that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual and rarely does it follow a straight path, yet so often we wait for clarity before moving forward on our dreams. My dream is to help you move forward with your dreams even when you are scared to death. I truly believe that if you want to experience a breakthrough in your life, you must find a new cadence that will provide the strength you need to move forward in spite of your doubts, questions, and fears. The rhythm of faith is not hinged upon our circumstances but our willingness to surrender." 

I read them and cried- I felt like he was speaking into my heart- that post announced the launch team, I applied and was chosen.  I have received an advance ebook copy that I hope to share lots of thoughts from- here, on twitter, and on FB.  I am so excited about this and feel like it's another step into the journey I am embarking on.  

So- why am I sharing today?  Well, glad you asked!  You can go HERE to place a pre-order.  BUT, it doesn't stop there!  If you place a pre-order because of my post/suggestion of book/etc- for the next 48 hours (or 48 hours from when his post goes live): they are going to be doing a cool giveaway this week called 'Dinner with Pete'. Whoever pre-orders the book in the next 48 hours can submit their receipt for a chance to win 1 of 25 spots to this dinner.

And, in full disclosure- if I have the most pre-orders (so if you order as a result of anything I have said PLEASE send me an email or post in the comments/screenshot the receipt whatever!) I have the opportunity to be part of that "Dinner with Pete" as well!  

The book itself is due to be released on May 5- so get that pre-order in today!  

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Brooke said...

very COOL!!
i'm loving the pre-launch group for FTL that i'm in.