Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where did August go?

Seriously!  It came and went before I could blink.  Within the month of August we completed 3 weeks of school (just started week number 4), participated in the ALS #icebucketchallenge (my donation went to John Paul II research facility because they don't support embryonic stem cell research) and I had the last hurrah of traveling to Atlanta over Labor Day weekend.  While in Atlanta visiting friends we went to a Braves game- it was a GOOD game (Braves won 1-0 on a Gattis homer) but the highlight was what is my August "new/fun" thing.  August was SO busy that I literally went down to the last day!  Part of the reason we chose the Sunday evening game was that there was a concert after the game- so my "new/fun" thing- going to the after game concert- which just happened to be one of my favorite Christian bands- Newsboys.  I have been to several concerts- including seeing the Newsboys (before Michael Tait was with them) BUT I have never participated in a concert in that type of setting.  Oh my- it was amazing!  First of all, there were about 45,000 people at the game that night (crazy in itself) and at least half of those attendees stayed for the concert.  Now, you may have heard of the movie- God's Not Dead?  Well, these guys are in it and of course sing the song.  There is absolutely nothing here on earth like hearing over 20000 sing "We Believe", "The Resurrection Song" and "My God's Not Dead"- and can you imagine heaven- wow!

Now, what should I do for September???


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Visit mom and dad. :) Glad you had a chance to go see friends and hear Newsboys. may want to change your bio on your blog. You are no longer 39. Hahahahahahaha! Nor are you a PreK teacher. but i still love you!!

Brooke said...

love newsboys!!! looks like so much fun!!!