Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lucky Kidney Run Recap

So, I am a little behind on my recaps.  I have three to get caught up on this week plus part 2 of my stress post as well as some random thoughts going through my head (which may be kind of scary!)

Back on March 8th I participated in the Lucky Kidney Run- I wrote this post here that explained what led to me wanting to participate.  I had the chance to work with a friend of mine who works for Donate Life and was putting together the team.  This was a 6K and for me- was race number 4.  This race took place downtown and started on Gay Street.  The route took us through some beautiful neighborhoods- oh and guess what- it had hills LOL :)  Anyway- this is the only 6K that I have ever run so of course it was a PR :)  My time was 45:32 and as I said this was number 4 out of 14.  The "after race" had door prizes and a photo booth (which had props for St. Patrick's Day).  The best part was hanging around the photo booth and taking pictures with friends!  Fun times!

On a side note- if you have not considered organ donation (or if you have not made your feelings known to your loved ones) might I encourage you to do so.  What an amazing gift to give someone- giving another the gift of life/health.

*I know this is not much of a recap- but it is what it is and actually don't have a lot to say about this one.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Well...that is new: "I don't have a lot to say." :) I am an organ donor. I'll give you my eyes.

Brooke said...

i've never done a 6K.
organ donation is an incredible thing!

Caitlin H said...

Congrats hun! I've done a 6.6K but never a 6...I like the random ones haha. Keeps things interesting :)