Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014- Time to LIVE!

So, in my last post about my New Year's Dream for my Single Friends I hinted at what this post was going to be about.  Last year I chose the word "Persevere" and quite honestly- I did well for the first 8 months and then the last 4 months I didn't.  It's in light of that I found myself seeking a word for 2014 that really jumped out at me.  I was listening to my music on Saturday on the trip from Indiana to Tennessee (that LONG 6 hours) and heard several songs that just tugged at my heart.  In listening to this music and thinking back to 2013 I knew that my word had to be LIVE!  One of the definitions of live is: a life rich in experience!  WOW!  That's what I want for my 2014!

This past fall I have been in survival mode- I don't want to be in survival mode- I want to live my life.  I want to enjoy the days that I have been given.  I want to love those around me.  I want to be in the moment and not let the moment pass me by.
This- says it all!  

Yep!  I am deciding to live it- I will take time to spend with friends and family.  I will take time to do what is important to me!

(and yes, I know there's a typo in the first line- bugs me but I couldn't find one with it fixed).  I want to enjoy what I am doing and if that means making big time changes then those changes will be made.  I don't want to be dying I want to be living!

Oh and those songs?  
Ryan Stevenson- Holding Nothing Back
and the main one:

So- there you have it- my word is LIVE! (and by the way, I know that technically it is still 2013 but I wanted to have another post for January 1/2 that I want to work on)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

My New Year's Dream for my Single Friends

I saw this blog post on FB the other day and read it with interest- why?  Certainly not because I am married- no, I think I read it because I was curious as to what the author would say.  I read the {in}courage blog posts regularly so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for me to read it but sometimes I skim over stuff that seems this specific.  This one I didn't.  And when I read it- THIS stuck out to me:

"Love isn’t a feeling and it isn’t in a falling; it’s in the staying during Winter’s darkest days.Lovies, if you’re in a season when all feels hopeless, please don’t give in to it.  Hang in there.  Persevere.  Get through it.  When change seems impossible, pray for the eyes to see what God is accomplishing in you during this time.
Love isn’t about your feelings; love is your decision to honor a commitment, a covenant…a King.Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad…and sometimes it’s downright ugly.
As you consider New Year’s resolutions…
as you sift though a lot of words to find your One Word…
as you continue to count 1000 gifts or list your goals for 2014…
will you plan to invest in the single most important relationship you have on this earth?" Robin Dance

At this point I had the all familiar heartache when I read that last question.  Because, I KNOW she is talking about a spouse- which I don't have, which sometimes I desire more than life itself, which sometimes just makes the heartbreak of past relationships seem as if it happened just yesterday.  But then I started thinking- as a single lady- can't I do just that?  By preparing myself for what could be in my future (because quite honestly- I don't know what God has planned for me).  So, while Robin came up with 5 ways to invest in that relationship from the married perspective- I wanted to share 5 ways to invest in that relationship from the single perspective.

1. Read- not self-help books, not "single life" books- nope- Read the only book that can truly guide you- the Bible.  Soak in the words that God has written in the ultimate love story.  Focus on who you are and WHOSE you are.  Note the promises that He has stated- LIVE those promises.  Read what makes one a godly wife- are we perfect?  Nope but we can strive to be a godly wife and create an environment that will lead others to Him.

2. Pray.  Pray for your future, with or without a spouse.  Pray for that spouse.  Pray for strength in decisions that they (and you)are making now that can affect what happens in the future.  Pray that the preparations you are making now will provide a solid foundation for the future.

3. Write.  This one may seem silly or trivial but take the time to write out your dreams.  Not necessarily a checklist of the must haves and such- but more what qualities you strive for, what you feel your purpose in life is, how you hope you and your spouse can work together in certain areas, etc.  Mandisa has a song called Praying for You- and whenever I hear it, it strikes such a cord.

4. Live.  This one may seem hard at times- after all, what are we really living for?  You know what- there's a lot to live for (more to come on this on January 1 or 2nd).  Don't just go through life on the coattails of others, if you have shipwrecked you don't just lay out on the beach working on your tan- no, you are working to be ready when the rescue comes.  So, don't just sit around- don't put things on the back burner until you find someone.  Go out and LIVE!

5. Love.  I saved the best for last.  Love?  What?  That's kind of an odd one to throw in isn't it?  Nope- not at all- in fact, without it, well, there's not much left to hope for.  Love those you are with- love those who don't seem lovable, love even when it hurts.  In loving you give the best of yourself and what can be more attractive than one who gives of themselves- wholeheartedly and serving others.

My question to ALL of my readers (single or otherwise)- do you have anything to add?

Friday, December 20, 2013

6 Things...

The elf4Health challenge that I have been participating in (sporadically unfortunately) had a hard, yet "easy" challenge for Friday.  The challenge was to name 6 things that you like about yourself.  I decided to blog this one (since it's been a while since I have blogged-oops) and share :)

1. I strive to live my life for Christ- in today's crazy, chaotic world it's not always easy to do so.  In fact, taking a stand can lead to persecution but it's what I am called to do.

2. I strive to live a life of integrity.  My students know that I may tolerate and give second chances pretty easily but there are two things I won't tolerate- bullying and lying.  If I lose my integrity, I end up losing a lot more than that.

3. I am a runner.  I haven't done it as often or as consistent as I would like or need to- but I do.  If you knew where I was back in 2011 with barely being able to walk due to a bulging disc- you would truly understand why this is such a big deal.

4. I try to inspire and motivate others- and in turn, am often inspired and motivated by then.  Someone told me today that something I do on a daily basis that I don't think that much about, means a lot to them and they look forward to it.

5. I am a teacher.  Right now, I am a teacher of small children (and some days don't feel all that great of one).  I would eventually like to take my teaching into a larger scale and teach adults in both one on one and group settings about nutrition and how to live healthy lives.

6.  I am loyal.  If you are my friend or family- I will stand by you.  I may not always like the circumstances or the path being taken but I will support you.  (the downside of this is that I also get hurt really easily when that trust is broken or betrayed)

and a bonus (because I can...)
7. I never give up. I am not happy with where I am because of gaining my weight back.  However, I KNOW I CAN do it and I WILL do it.  I am in the process of making a plan to get back on track :)

So, there you- 6 things I like about myself.  What are some traits you like about yourself?