Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trotting with the Turkeys


This year for Thanksgiving I chose not to head north- it wasn't an easy decision but with Christmas break only 3 weeks away it just made sense- to not have the turnaround time.  So, I decided that I would sign up for a local Turkey Trot 5K.  Some things to note- it was COLD!  About an hour before race time the temp was 25 degrees- after the race, the temp was 23!  I had not run a race since August!  For whatever reason this fall seemed to be a bit lacking in races (or ones that were affordable), so I didn't run in any (or if they were available my schedule didn't allow for them to happen).  And, due to the weather (rainy and cold) I had been struggling in finding time to run outdoors so I had been running on the treadmill.  Oh, and I still had the residual coughing from the bronchitis and Tuesday morning I woke up all congested (I thought it was possibly due to the crying jag I had on Monday but it's still hanging around today- Saturday- so I'm thinking not!).  Anyway, I was supposed to do this with a couple of friends- one of them wasn't feeling well and ended up not being able to participate but the other one- bundled up with me and headed over there.  It was cold but as I told both of them- I am trying to become a healthier person- I NEEDED to do this- to prove something to myself.  I had let my being sick, my schedule, and everything else, factor into my lack of exercise and lack of running.  I was determined to not let the cold and my cold factor into it as well.  I needed this to take a step back in the right direction and say- I can do this!  I WILL do this!

As you can see below I finished (and a side note- these pictures-ugh- they just show me how far I still have to go since I am back where I started- makes me sad and brings tears to my eyes).  And, I finished strong- I am not where I was back in the spring when I was close to 34 minutes but I have made improvements and as I run more- I will get stronger, I will get a little faster, and I will set goals!  I have a race in 2 weeks- my goal is to be this time (and I would like to beat last year's time which was 35:00 exactly).  If I am diligent, if I push myself, I think I can do- no, I know I can do it.  BUT, if it doesn't happen- at the end of the day I am still me and I gave it my all!


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Even though we missed you over the weekend, I am glad you did this. You HAD to do this. You NEEDED to do this. Way to go! I am so proud of you. see in about 3 weeks Lord willing.

Melissa said...

Good job on the Turkey Trot. I would have opened the door and then turned around and climbed back into bed. LOL. So kudos to you for doing it. I'm an extremely slow runner (mpstly a walker) but maybe we could get together and run together one day when my schedule is a little less crazy

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