Sunday, August 11, 2013

The workouts that weren't and the run that was

In all honesty, this post could have probably been called "Excuses, Excuses, Excuses" or even "The Run that Almost Wasn't" but part of being a healthy person is being willing to admit when you have "failed"/had a setback and celebrating the small victories.

So, if I am going to be real I am going to have to admit that I ran on Monday (3 miles and walked around 1) and then did nothing until Saturday.  Now, in my defense, I did a lot of walking at school this week as well as moving things around and squatting.  I had my clothes in the car on Friday and ended up working later on Friday instead (since the first day is Monday).  Wednesday I came home from the grocery store and had plans to go to zumba- I had done a presentation that morning and was exhausted so I closed my eyes "just for a minute" and woke up an hour later and it was too late to go.  I need to do some serious time management (still working on this) and schedule some workouts.  So, looking at the week ahead here are my "plans"

Sunday- this is still up in the air-there is something I would like to try but Sunday's are more of a self-imposed rest day
Monday- I have a meeting with someone at 5 so I won't make it to spin class so I may try the Sunday plan on Monday (we'll see)
Tuesday- if it's not raining I will be going for a run and if it is raining I will have to check out the classes at the gym
Wednesday- zumba and stretch and flex at the gym
Thursday- if it's not raining- go for a run, if it's raining go to spin and body pump
Friday- rest day?
Saturday- possible race (I haven't registered for it and I don't really have the extra money this month since I went ahead and signed up for next year's Knoxville half marathon last week) but if not then I will head out for a run

There- now that I have made it public- it's "real" and I will have a measure of accountability.

Now, for the run that was- this morning (Saturday) I woke up and honestly just did not want to go for that run.  I was tired, my hips were aching, and when I looked at the weather it said it was 50% chance of rain, with 75 degrees and 96% humidity (this was at 6:30).  I finally forced myself out of bed and talked myself into putting on my running clothes.  I did 4 miles- I didn't eat enough before I went because I ran out of energy- I did use a new product and a gel but they weren't enough to help.  This picture is after the 52 minute run- you can see the difference in my red face and white neck LOL :)

So what am I celebrating?
- I'm celebrating that I DID get out there and run this morning
-I'm celebrating that I have done 10 days of no soda.  My plan is to keep up with this and then on August 31 I head to a Braves game.  I always get a commemorative cup at the games- if it's different then one that someone gave me, I will be getting one.  If it is the same then I will stick with my water.
-I'm celebrating that my first week is over!  and kiddos start Monday (but mine don't start until Tuesday).

And my goals for the week are simple:
- Drink more water
-complete my exercise plans
- watch my food intake and try to eat cleaner (I am definitely NOT perfect- I still eat things that I shouldn't and struggle with my portions- this is something that I think I will fight all of my life).  If I can make better choices then I know I will see the scale go down and feel better!


jillconyers said...

Hi Tami!
We've all been there. I love that you ended your post with celebrations and goals! Go get it!

Tami said...

Thanks Jill- the encouragement helps

Flaming June said...

Anyone running in these brutal conditions is "bad to the bone!"

Don't you just love the start of a new school year? So full of promise and potential!