Saturday, August 10, 2013

July Kona Kase Review

*As part of being a Sweat Pink Ambassador I received a free July Kona Kase box in exchange for a review.

These "specialty" boxes have been making the rounds- everything from beauty supplies to "healthy" ones.  I had the opportunity to try out and review the Kona Kase one.  I'll be honest- this probably won't be the fairest review simply because of the foods I cannot eat.

When I opened the box the first thing I saw was this quote from Arthur Ashe.  I am in the process of making a vision/health and wellness type of board and this will definitely be a prominent feature on it!

Included in the box were:
Pro Bar Bold energy chews, turkey perky jerky, chia bar, seeds and fruit mix, granola mix, a surge gel, a Garuka bar, and 2 unlabeled cookies which I found out from the info card were Caveman Cookies

So, what did I think?  Well,  I couldn't eat the chia bar, the granola mix (because of the almonds- although if those were in it I think it would be great), the perky jerky (which is a bummer because I was looking forward to trying it but it has soy sauce listed), and the garuka bar (has whole peanuts in it).  I also am not a fan of the flavor mocha which is the flavor of the Body Glove surge gel.  The Cavemen cookies were also made of honey, nuts, and berries but I ate them because they were small)

The Pro Bar Bolt Energy Chews?  First thing I tried!  They were good, had a good texture, good taste.  The only thing I struggle with these chews are the fact they are so bulky.  I took them on a run and they were perfect!  I need to look to see if they are sold in the stores locally.

The seeds and fruit mix- I haven't tried it yet.  When I remember it I don't have the bag it's in or am in a place where I can't eat it due to the mess factor (i.e. my car).

The Caveman Cookies- these were pretty good, a little chewy but the taste itself was okay.

I received a Bulu Box the same day and it was a pretty similar comparison.  So, lesson learned, always best to stick to the snacks that you know you can eat and are familiar with!

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Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

I just started experimenting with Probar chews on my long runs, and so far I really like them!