Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 This week Holley asked us to take a look at some God-sized dreamers that we knew personally, in the Bible or just out there in the world.  I have been thinking about this off and on all week and today at church it hit me- I know, personally, 2 God-sized dreamers and their families.  This week is our Global Impact week (aka missions conference) and today in class one of our national missionaries spoke.  Now, the thing is, I KNOW this missionary.  I have been to his country and worked with his family 3 different times.  The first time was 10 years ago this summer, again in 2005 and then I traveled by myself for 2 1/2 weeks in 2006.  Who are these amazing God-sized dreamers?  George Romeos (Marcy and children) and Fotis Romeos (Mary and children).  Where?  Athens, Greece.  It's been way too long since I have been there and this place holds a HUGE place in my heart and it has long been my desire to return. 

George and Fotis are brothers who, along with partners, had the vision for The Cosmovision Center.  This center is a "multi-purpose facility" and "is located just a few miles from the new airport of Athens and only 17 miles from the historic spot of Mars Hill in downtown Athens."  The vision includes The Transformation Center (youth sports and family facility), International Center of New Testament and Mission Studies; The First Greek Christian School of Athens and The Base of various Educational Programs. 




As you know the economic crisis in Greece has led to a higher unemployment and a HUGE need.  Not only that but there are many people coming in from other countries.  These two men are amazing God-sized dreamers who need our prayers to continue their work.  Their dedication to God, to their families, to their country, and to those who are lost and seeking is so inspirational and reminds me so much of when Mordecai tells Esther- that all that she is going through is for such a time as this.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

I remember your trips to Greece. Still have that trivet in the kitchen. :) Always thought you might end up working there. The Fotis' had a God-sized dream. it is good that you highlighted them.

Caitlin Helsel said...

What a beautiful mission, Tami. Thank you for sharing :)

Kim Teamer said...

We can accomplish much when we give our lives over to the pursuit of glorifying God. I love how these inspired dreamers have given their lives away. May we all be willing to do the same.

Tami said...

Dad- Love the Romeos' (Fotis is one of the brothers). I'm not telling God no- I desperately want to go back but all of the trips lately have been during the school year.

Tami said...

Caitlin- thanks for your encouragement

Tami said...

Kim- Thank you and yes, that is my prayer!