Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Steppin' Out

Last week's challenge from Holley was to "think back to another time when you took positive action in your life. What’s one thing that helped you move forward that you could apply again now and someone else could benefit from hearing too?"

When I thought of these I thought of a big time in my life in college- but the journey goes back to high school.  See, I was a basketball player in elementary, junior high and my first year of high school.  My junior year I was cut- I was lost, my identity had been taken away from me; I was hurt, I struggled but pushed through it all and in the process got involved in athletic training.  I began working with ISU student trainers, went to a high school workshop at IU, and began working with the student athletes my senior year.  That included traveling with them and I became friends with a lot of them.  In December of my senior year one of the guys on the basketball team was in a car accident that led to his death.  It hit our school and team hard (the game prior he had had one of his best games).  I buried myself in my schooling and my training, and quite honestly burnt myself out.  I had no idea what I wanted to do- but through conversation with my parents a week before graduation (yep, nothing like cutting it close), I ended up going to Johnson Bible College (now Johnson University).  I did two years on the media program (tv/radio) and by year two I was miserable- but again, I had no clue what I was going to do.  In talking with a friend one night I realized that my heart was in working with kids, in teaching.  The semester had already started and we were at the last day before you could transfer classes and not lose credit.  I did a lot of praying and crying and with fear- yet trust- I went to talk to the advisor.  EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, fell into place- that's how I knew I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do.

So the application today- continue to pray, continue to trust, continue to work hard and if this is where God is taking me- the pieces will fall into place.  They won't necessarily be easy, it won't necessarily be the path that I would have chosen, BUT, it will be one that is blessed by Him.

This little quote is actually a stamp- I LOVE this stamp and want to purchase it at some point (but it's a bit pricey at this point for just the one stamp).  I think it's perfect for this journey I am on!  Loving this!  

And this song- inspired my title of my post for today!  This has become one of my favorite songs with some amazing lyrics that stretch me and give me the permission to dream!


Bill (cycleguy) said...

i remember all of this. Yikes! What a ride it was. But so glad you have been able to see it as an adventure. Liked the song even though not a fan of G1C (Not my style you know). :) Love you and glad you are stepping out.

Tami said...

Dad, I definitely could not have done without the support and guidance of you and mom! It has been an amazing adventure that every step has led to where I am today. To this journey I am on- to being able to dream big! Love you too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my Graceglimmers blog also! I'm a fellow runner, and our dad's are both Bill! Too funny! Love all your side bar stuff! I'm a speech therapist...so I love little kids too! Fun times along the journey! Keep dreaming and doing!

Caitlin Helsel said...

Sometimes taking a leap of faith is the scariest and yet most necessary thing we can do. I'm happy that you took it and things are going so well :)