Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thoughts and Tears...

Things have been busy- really busy- but I haven't quit working toward my goal, it's just that blogging about it has taken a back seat-and I have realized that that's okay!  But, last night I accomplished a huge goal for me!

A little bit of the back story:
A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative discs in my back, a bulging disc, and arthritis in my hips.  At the time I had days where I could barely walk (and in fact there were many days in the summer of 2011 that I spent flat on my back because even the thought of moving brought me to tears).  My orthopedic dr told me then I should focus on low impact sports- I listened for a while and then focused on strengthening my lower back/core area and started slow jogging/running in January.  I let it go in March due to time and then in June I picked it back up again.  I have always said, "I'm not a runner".  I realize now that's not true- I AM a runner- I may not run as fast as everyone else but again, that's okay- it's not who I am.  As I mentioned in previous posts I have been doing more and more running (along with spinning) and am going to begin training for the half marathon around the beginning of January (if not sooner).

Fast forward to last night- November 16, 2012.  I signed up for my first "official" 5K to be run at 11 p.m. at Dollywood (I am barely awake at 11 so not sure what I was thinking there).  I looked at this race as my baseline- it would have some flat, some inclines, etc.  I don't have my official time yet (hopefully it will be posted soon) but the one thing I did not expect was the emotion I felt when I saw the finish line.  I know the reason was that I was completing something that a year ago I NEVER thought I would.  I was doing something that I should not be doing and I was enjoying it.  It was cold but the Christmas lights were lit and it was gorgeous (the only negative was that there was no music and they discouraged the headphones so I didn't bring mine).  PLUS, i ran the WHOLE time- all 3.1 miles.  That has been a goal from the beginning.  The last mile I kept saying to myself, "don't quit- one step" over and over. 

Am I hooked?  Uh, yep, probably.  My Thursday race is not going to happen due to other circumstances that have come up (and I am okay with that) so right now the next one is December 9.  I don't have one for sure after that but am considering the New Years Day one here in Knoxville.

So, my post today is filled with pins that remind you to not quit!  (and I'm working on a special post that has really been on my mind the last couple of days)

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Guinn Girls said...

So very proud of you! When I found you, you had the look of determination on your face. When I told you,"you are almost there" and you asked "are you lying" I knew you were focused and giving it your all!!!! I LOVE YOU.....I am so amazed at how far you have come. Way to GOOOOOOOO!!!! Now for the next one!