Saturday, November 3, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yep, life around here has been busy.  I haven't been exercising as much as I should have, probably been intaking more sugar than I should have but in spite of all of that, I have been working hard to continue this journey.  I'm getting closer to the end of the losing and the beginning of the maintaining and that scares me a bit.  I hit the loss several years ago (okay more like 7) and didn't maintain it.  It scares me to think that could happen again and I definitely don't want it to.  BUT this time is different I think- I have been hit by a couple of bugs- the spinning bug and the running bug as well.  I have signed up for 3 5K's to complete before the end of the year and the big one is the half marathon that I signed up for in April.  It's time to start training for that and I'm hoping that the training will be what I need to keep me focused. 

This week I hit 26 lbs lost- I posted on FB the other day that I was getting ready and caught a glimpse of the mirror which is where I keep track of my weight loss (dry erase is amazing).  From June 18 when I got serious to the first of August (school starting) I had lost 11 lbs. but from school starting until November 1, I had lost 15 lbs.  That's with time constraints and sometimes not the best food choices.  I still achieved that and almost into the single digits of my goal weight.  Along the way I have been inspired and have also been told that I have inspired others.  When I hear those words of encouragement it helps me give a little more...

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alicia said...

Congrats on the 26 pounds loss! That's incredible! You're setting yourself up for success by scheduling 5ks and 1/2 marathon goals - it can only keep you on track as long as you let it :) Great job!