Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One Step at a Time

Today was rough day- just overall frustrating but I wanted to share something positive that came out of all that- here's what I posted on FB:

A reminder of how far I have come- today (as I mentioned) was a bit of a rough day- just very discouraging but I kept with my plan and went to my spin class anyway. I cranked it up and pushed through- and in the 45 minutes of class I burned 486 calories. On my way home I called my dad (in response to a text he sent- since I don't text and drive!) and was telling him about it. Mentioned the 486 calories- he responded that it wasn't 486 calories of food that isn't good for me. I am an emotional eater so I have to be sure that I think through my choices carefully. I am coming up on the 4 month mark of my journey. 4 months ago I would have dealt with my stress by eating that 486 and more. Still have a long way to go but am stepping in the right direction. Love that man! He reminds me of what my goals are and where I am going!

and on that note of goals- I am setting some goals for 2013- I am working on compiling them to post closer to the end of the year but would love to hear your fitness/healthy living goals!

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