Thursday, July 19, 2012

Setbacks or hurdling obstacles?

This past week has been one of "setbacks"- in a way.  I traveled out of town for an education conference and as I was really getting involved in the workouts I was dreading the traveling part.  The actual conference was GREAT but the extent of my workouts were walking between buildings and classes and the movement in classes (dancing/theater).  I did do one night of arm exercises in the hotel room but it really wasn't enough. 

So- the lessons I have learned this week:
1. Go prepared- My lunches were at the mercy of what was prepared- next time, I'll know to take a cooler with ice to keep things cold.  There was no bottled water offered and I only had one bottle filled with ice that I tried to drink to keep refilled but by lunchtime or a little after there was not much left in it.  I need to plan as if I will not have the tools I need to succeed.

2. Go knowing that sometimes plans just don't work out- I had a hotel that had an exercise room but when I checked it out- there was no way I was going to be able to use it- the hours were not conducive to our schedule. And, while I did the arm exercises once, my original plan was to do them every night- that obviously didn't happen.  I was in information overload and?my body was just exhausted.

3. Go and understand that returning to "normalcy" will take a little bit of adjustment but each day is a brand new day- it's a clean slate and sometimes there will be obstacles to hurdle- the best thing to do is just keep plugging away and it will all work out in the end.

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