Monday, January 14, 2008

Motivational Monday

I found a great quote over the weekend- I think it came through my email (but I'm not sure). It's by F. Scott Fitzgerald, "Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat."

So, my thought behind that quote- we're all going to have days when we struggle, when we want to eat what is "wrong" for our body- yet even if for that one moment in our day we give in to temptation it doesn't mean that it's the end of our healthy journey. It just means that we have taken a step back and we need to counter with two steps (or more) forward. So, go for it! I encourage you to not give up! Keep up the good work.

Breakfast 3 mini peanut butter cheesecakes (got this phase 1 recipe from a south beach forum- it was GREAT)
Lunch- turkey burger with 2% cheese and no bun, green beans
snack- mozzarella cheese stick
Dinner- scrambled eggs
beverages- 70 ounces of water

30 minutes of exercise- I did the Biggest Loser dvd- the cardio one- oh my goodness! You'll read more about that on Wednesday!

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