Thursday, January 3, 2008


Happy Thursday to all of you! Hope your day is going well. I'm a little sad that I'm down to my last day and a half of vacation but I am looking forward to a fresh start. I'll tell you what though- I'm not sure how I'm going to get my water down when school starts back up- I feel like I could float away. I'll do it though. Yesterday it took me all day to get it all and then today I have half of my water already done and it's not quite 1:00. I have a hard time when I go to restaurants drinking the water there so today when I was out shopping I found some new little packets of lemon and raspberry flavoring. I have had the Crystal Light before (and yes, they are legal) and I have a bunch in the house that I should use but this one was by Splenda. So, I'm going out to eat on Saturday evening and I will take a couple of these with me to give a try. Anyone tried these already? Well, I have to go meet someone so I'll close here and try to come back with some tips from an article I printed out!

Breakfast- 2 sausage patties
Lunch- oven roasted turkey from the deli (app. 5 slices), s-f jello with light whipped topping
dinner 3 eggs (scrambled), 3 pieces of bacon
snacks 1 tbs of peanut butter
beverages- as of 12:50- 33.8 ounces by 7 pm-73.8 ounces

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Maria said...

Holy Tami! You're still around! I am so impressed that you've stuck it out through!! Well, I'm back from my weight loss sabbatical! Well, I commend you. . . your tenacity is inspiring!