Friday, October 12, 2007

Starting Over

Well, I'm thinking I need to start over on South Beach. For me- I know that SB is the way that I need to go because I'm so addicted to carbs. And unfortunately they like me :(. So, I'll start over and try again. And, I'm hoping to get back to posting daily soon. Hopefully the next 9 weeks will be a little les crazy (we are on a 9 week grading period). One more week and it's fall break. i can't wait!

I did walk 6 miles today- I was walking all over the school building today.


Maria said...

Good luck on the SB diet. I love carbs too. I once tried the Atkins diet a long time ago and although it worked out food wise, I was tired all the time. I lasted a week and couldn't go on with the induction of 2 weeks.

Congratulations on walking 6 miles! I haven't walked 6 miles for a long time. My norm lately is 3 to 4 miles max. I've been sitting down at my computer and that's been keeping me sedentary.

Hope you have a wonderful day, Gabby!


Maria said...

Oops sorry, Tami, I wrote in Gabby instead of your name. I just visited Gabby's site and got confused.


grandmascraps said...

Tami I am starting South Beach myself. My DH is going to be away for a couple of weeks and I thought I could get a good start on it while he is away. Hope all is going well for you.