Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fall Break

Well, fall break is officially here. I've been really stressed and I know that because I have been angry this week. I never get angry with my students- never lose my temper in front of them. I don't tend to cry in front of them (I just wait until they leave). I do get frustrated and upset but never angry. Wed. I got angry enough that I hit my desk with my hand (several think they can just go touch anything and everything on it)and bruised my hand good. The whole lower part of my thumb and the palm area underneath my thumb were black and blue and swollen. Plus I had some soreness in my wrist. I'm at my wit's end with this group. We have been in school for 10 weeks and with a few of them- nothing has changed. I have three students that if they weren't in my class- wow, it would be an awesome class- we would get so much done. I'm spending my fall break with my family and while they are working on Monday and Tuesday I am going to spend some of that time doing some heart searching and seeking to find answers. My parents live in a fairly quiet neighborhood so I may even throw on my workout clothes and go for a walk in the mornings and just spend some time in prayer. Needless to say- things are not going so great and being on vacation is going to be a bit stressful food wise but I'm going to try which is what I need to do.

Let's see what else has happened this week?? I got an Orbitrek (which is like an elliptical) for $40 from a friend who was selling it at a yard sale (she wanted $80 but she sold it to me for half that). I have it set up in my living room- right in front of where my new computer is going to be (yes, I bought a new computer). Oh, and one more thing, I finally started getting the emails for the rock on, walk on challenge on Wednesday I think. Have a great Sunday!

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grandmascraps said...

Tami, hope your fall break is restful for you. I will be praying for you and your class. It is exhausting dealing with disruptive students. :) Gail