Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Today was a good day life wise but my kids are crazy. I hope you all know that when I say my kids I'm talking about my kids at school (I don't have any of my own kids). Some of them are okay but it's hard when they come in to the classroom in a bad mood from something that happened at home before school. It just starts off the day on a rough note and makes for an overall rough day. My other rant for the day- I went to a meeting today from 4:30 to 5:30 about doing an extended contract. It's a meeting that if I want to do this contract then I have to attend. I was the only one from my school who went and so I sat near the front of a room to get out on time ( I had somewhere to be). Well, that meant I sat with teachers from another school. The thing that irritates me is when people talk (not related to the session) throughout the entire time. I wanted to stand up and ask these teachers if they like it when their kids talk while they are teaching- pretty sure they would say no! Now, I know that I talk a lot but when someone is presenting something I listen and rarely say anything and if I do it's a brief comment to someone on what we are discussing. Oh, it made me so mad! I really think teachers are the worst at this.

Okay- now that that rant is over here's the good stuff:

breakfast- SB cereal bar, low carb whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter and banana
lunch- parmesan chicken, 1/2 sandwich of chicken (deli) and one slice of cheese (on one slice of 100% whole wheat bread), bowl of fruit (kiwi and grapes), s-f jello
pm snack- curves granola bar
dinner- grilled chicken filet and 6 chicken nuggets

water: 24 oz. plus 16.9 oz., 16.9 oz. (app. 58 oz) 20 oz. det mtn dew and 20 oz. diet coke

I walked about 4.1 miles today and lost 1 lb. this week.


Aimeslee said...

Welcome back, Tami. Sorry to hear of your problems today. I'm certified to teach K-8, and when I student-taught and hung out in the teacher's lounge, omg I almost decided not to teach, lol. It was a real eye-opener as to what teachers really gossip about and all, but since I would be a parent in the schools for 13 years, I did not want to know they were like that. Ignorance, please be blissful, lol. Anyway, you don't soundd that way, one of the few! (And my parents were both career teachers, I'm usually pro-teacher, too). Keep up your good healthworks, girl!

aimeslee xoxo

Qtexan said...

Congrats on the 1 pound for this week Tami! You are doing so well, keep it up. Yes people misbehave in meetings and I cannot understand it. In the WW meeting yesterday we had one who kept on stretching backwards with her hands in the air and deep sighing every time she did this. She sat right in front and was acting like the meeting was boring or she was tired or she had a back ache. I was so irritated by the end of the meeting I almost said something when the leader asked if we had anything else to discuss, I so desperately wanted to ask if this woman is not getting enough sleep... I did not go to my 9:30 meeting but the one at 12:00 and we also had a mom with 4 children, one of which was a shrieking 15-month-old in a baby carrier. She left after a while because the baby was uncontrollable. Let that be a lesson for me! I love the leader though, she is the leader for the whole East Texas area and has been with WW for over 30 years so she knows all the struggles and issues. And behind me I had somebody filing her nails LOL talk about an experience and irritation. Anyway, enough of my ranting and raving I just wanted to say congrats!