Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today was an okay day- a long one but okay. We have no kids on Friday so it's helping some to know that's coming.

breakfast: SB cereal bar, peanut butter sandwich
lunch: rotisserie chicken (deli) with cheese, lf ranch, spinach leaves on a wheat low carb tortilla, s-f pudding, apple with pb
pm snack: whole wheat crackers (SB) and a SB 100 calorie bar
dinner: turkey burger and 1 cup brown rice

water: I believe that I drank the majority of the water that I needed to (I drank 4 bottles which is about 68 oz.)

I walked right at 3 miles today so I'm off to add that to my count and tomorrow is weigh-in day (oh, yippee!)

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grandmascraps said...

Hi Tami Just wanted to let you know I was checking up on you. LOL, Hope all is going well. Congrats on the 3 miles. I have tagged you on my stamping blog check it out: