Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I was not able to get my pedometer to work yet so i am estimating 2.5 miles (although I think it was more) so I will be returning it tomorrow (or sometime this weekend if I have a chance). I did really well throughout the day but then this morning i got a phone call for an emergency babysitting for tonight and due to a meeting at school I literally had just enough time to go home and change clothes. She told me I could eat whatever was there but the only thing in her fridge that was "allowed" was deli meat and it wasn't opened. I didn't want to open it because I didn't know how long it would last if they didn't eat it right away. So, I had some peanut butter crackers on wheat and about a small order of mcd's fries (they had a large in the fridge and I heated up a few). It's the first "cheating" I have done but there's no way I could have waited until 11 (which is when they are coming home) to eat something "healthy". I did well the rest of the day so hopefully I'm not doing too much damage.

breakfast- 2 egg omelet with cheese, 8 oz. skim milk
lunch- egg salad (with 2 eggs), s-f jello, string cheese
snack- string cheese, 3-4 nuts
dinner- peanut butter on wheat crackers, small fry

water- 32 oz. this morning plus 1 bottle plain water and 1 with crystal lite in it. dt. mtn. dew

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