Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm a dork!

I gave blood today and wore a skirt to school so I took a pair of capris to change into and I took off my pedometer and forgot to pick it up. When I left I had walked app. 3 miles so that's what I will go with. I did eat a little more today- not anything that I shouldn't have eaten but I don't know- I just seemed to be hungry all the time today.

breakfast- lite vanilla yogurt, 1 hardboiled egg
am snack (yes, I got one today)- sb cereal bar
lunch- turkey sandwich on 1 piece of bread with a slice of cheese, s-f pudding, 1/2 apple, turkey (from the school cafe- which thankfully meat is okay to eat)
pm snack- special k protein snack bar
dinner- grilled chicken, apple dippers (McD)- without the caramel (just the apples), curves granola bar
dessert- nsa creamsicle

I guess looking over it I didn't eat that much more but it just seems like it.

beverages: 32 oz. water, 16.9 oz., and about 8 oz. water (so about 55 oz.), 20 oz. dt. mtn. dew, and 20 oz. diet coke.

Okay, quickly- on to the article
STEP 2- Feed your hunger the right way

If, after asking the questions, you find that you are truly hungry then you should eat something healthy and satisfying. However, that usually takes time that we don't want to wait and so we make poor choices. The article suggests preparing healthy snacks ahead of time.

-Make a large roasted chicken or turkey- after serving it for dinner then chop it up and then add it to some homemade soup, a stew, or a chili

-Prepare a pot of Italian-style meat sauce. Use ground turkey breast, tomato sauce, shredded carrots, and herbs. Divide it into portions and then serve it with pasta or a sloppy joe or taco mixture.

-Roast a pork tenderloin- after a meal, cut up the leftovers and serve it with rice and bean, in quesadilla, or in a veggie stir fry.

Tomorrow will be step 3- Snack Smartly!

oh yea, I lost 1 lb.

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Maria said...

I feel the same way about feeling hungry. It's funny because when I eat every 3 hours, I feel hungrier. When I don't snack and just eat a straight 3 measl a day diet, I don't think about eating as often but when I do eat the in between small meals, I don't feel satisfied and want to eat more.

Eating 5 small meals a day suppose to keep me from being hungry but it's doing the opposite.

Look forward to your next tip!