Sunday, July 22, 2007

Newspaper Insert- Parade

My local newspaper carries the Parade insert on Sundays. They have a weekly focus on "The All-America Get Fit Program" and todays was really good. It was talking about eating right and getting more energy. The article was written by Michael O'Shea. He states that if you eat the right foods that can give you the enery that you need to have an effective workout or to even avoid a midafternoon slump. He said that there are a few things to keep in mind:

-Caffeine and sugar offer only temporary bursts of energy- this is my downfall. I love to drink diet mtn. dew (at least it's not the "real" stuff). During the school year I have no trouble with drinking my water because I can't drink anything but that in front of my kids (since that's all they can have) but during the summer or during vacations I have a hard time drinking all of my water.

-Feeling tired can be a symptom of dehydration- enough said

-Eat enough fiber- the goal should be 20-25 grams of fiber per day

-Choose the right energy bar- if you need an energy bar because of being on the run O'Shea says you should look for one that's about 200 calories, low in sugar, and combines protein, carbs, and fat

There was more to this article but I'm going to share a little more on another day. There is a website at Parade where you can create a customized fitness plan and expert advice

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Maria said...

I should take a look at today's paper! Sounds like a great article. Luna bars have 180 calories and very high in protein, carbs, and other nutrients. I don't like the taste as much as Breakfast K bars but I think it's a better energy bar. It was recommended to me by a fitness trainer when I had a membership at 24 hour fitness.

Since I've been concentrating on a healthy diet, I don't drink as much cofee. I don't even think about it first thing in the morning. I still pick up my Frappaccino twice a week but other than that, I've been drinking far less coffee.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!