Monday, July 16, 2007

Here We Go!

Maria over at Stampin Inspirations suggested starting a blog group focused on losing weight. Having been down that route before I decided I need to focus on losing weight and then living a healthy life- therefore the name Journey to a Healthy Life. This blog will be an accountability of sorts of my journey. I'll be able to journal by successes and failures and how they have impacted me to date. Hopefully I'll have some type of before picture so that I can eventually have during and after pictures too. So, off we go!

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Maria said...

Hi Tami, I'm glad you decided to start a blog! It's really been helping me stay on track and I hope it will do the same for you.

I still may start a group blog but I want people to start their blogs first and send me a link to their site before I do start one. I really think it would be helpful to do it together.

I read that people who go on a diet with others tend to stick to it moreso than those who go at it alone.

I'll be sure to drop by regularly to see how you are doing and encourage you when it's tought!

I think we can all help one another. Good luck on your journey!!