Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Looking for Rest- #spiritualwhitespace

Today is the day!  It's launch day for Bonnie's book Finding Spiritual Whitespace.  I will admit that I am not finished with the book- it's not one to be "devoured".  I have been reading it in small chunks and just recently had to stop and go back to reread a part because of the impact it had on me.

Bonnie is doing a giveaway over on her blog faith barista

Bonnie's story is one that everyone can identify with- in some way.  With heartbreaking honesty she guides the reader through what it means to find that spiritual whitespace, to rest, and the realization that in the midst of stress, turmoil and pain God is there.  (and that's my review from not even finishing the book- look for the full review next week!)

In the meantime- I invite you to check out Bonnie's blog, purchase the book HERE, and join me on the journey!

*in full disclosure- I received a copy of this book for free to participate in the launch- all reviews are my own

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Brooke said...

going to enter the giveaway now! :)